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With approximately 48 hours to go until Negan shows up on The Walking Dead, your nerves are probably feeling a little jangled right now.

The back half of season 6 has gone out of its way to prepare us for the arrival of the feared and revered villain from the graphic novel, with the Alexandria survivors' interactions with the Saviors providing a brief but brutal taste of what to expect from the big man himself - as Daryl discovered in last Sunday's episode...

The good news for Daryl fans (ie. people with functioning brain cells) is that his fan fave status means he's probably guaranteed a face-to-face with Negan at some point, so he's unlikely to be dead. At least, not just yet.

It's fair to say that Negan is possibly the most anticipated new addition to a TV series in living memory - he's been hyped so much for so long, and his legend in the graphic novel is so strong, he's basically taken on mythical status - so expectation around his portrayal on the show by Jeffrey Dean Morgan is massive.

And exec producer David Alpert is happy to play the hype game. Here's what he had to say when quizzed about Sunday's 90-minute finale:

I am so excited to see the horrified faces on all my co-workers when I walk into the office on Monday morning, cause people are gonna be losing their minds. This weekend’s episode is going to melt the Internet.

Alpert goes on to suggest prepping in advance with "diapers and tissues", which conjures up an image somewhere between Abraham taking a shower and Glenn being bludgeoned to death by Lucille on the scale of Walking Dead horrors.

The big question of who will die remains, although Daryl and Glenn both seem a little too obvious to me. Abraham, on the other hand...

He's been more involved this season, he was a major player in the assault on Negan's base and the motorcycle nuking, and his death in the comics was given to Denise, a character of lesser importance. He's a major character... but he's not a major character. All the signs point to Abraham.

Then again, I could be wrong. I'm usually wrong about these things. We're slaves to our instincts, right? Ultimately there's only one way to find out, and that's to watch The Walking Dead Sunday night on AMC. Or, you know, click onto the internet at any point the following day and be hit by a tidal wave of OMG and WTF.

Here's the trailer for Sunday's season 6 finale.


Whose death will melt the internet this Sunday?


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