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It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for Catwoman... and she's FELINE good! After a number of negative reviews for Batman v Superman, it seems that the big cats are changing their tack... and bringing back one of the most controversial DC characters ever put to screen: Catwoman.

The news dropped from the mighty mouser herself, as Halle Berry shared this excited Tweet with her followers on Twitter:

How. Cool. Is. That? In case it's been a while since you revisited the original 2004 classic Catwoman, Halle Berry is giving a nod to the iconic Basketball scene in the movie (in which she doesn't actually wear heels, but her Catwoman was famed for her death-defying stunts in staggering stilettos). Check it out.

It's also very big of Berry to eat her words about her first Catwoman movie, which she described as a hunk of steaming feculence in her bold speech at the Razzies:

“I want to thank Warner Bros. for casting me in this piece-of-sh–, god-awful movie. I’d like to thank the rest of the cast. To give a really bad performance like mine, you need to have really bad actors.”

Halle Berry & Sharon Stone share a tense moment in 2004 masterpiece 'Catwoman'
Halle Berry & Sharon Stone share a tense moment in 2004 masterpiece 'Catwoman'

Of course, Halle Berry meant her comments in good humor, but it's nice to see her reconsidering modern classic Catwoman with a more mature eye later in her career. Fay Katz, spokeswoman for DC's Department of Comment, even hinted that Catwoman's next appearance — in what's expected to be the Batman standalone movie — will not be her last, telling Moviepilot:

''Cats have nine lives, so we'd like to see Catwoman on screen at least nine times. It's only fair. Halle is like a majestic puma and we're happy to welcome her back to the DC litter tray.''

Although Halle Berry hasn't elaborated on when or how her Catwoman will reappear, it's assumed that she'll reappear alongside Ben Affleck in the standalone Batman movie. Moviepilot reached out to Ben Affleck, who merrily accepted the idea with a smile on his face and a song in his heart:

''I really like cats, so I think it's, like, a cool idea. I always think that, if we were animals, Matt Damon would be a cat and I'd be a dog. Actually, maybe I'd be a gerbil.''

April Fools!

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