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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice left many questions unanswered, and most of them lead back to Lex Luthor's grand plan and Darkseid's overarching involvement in the DCEU. At the end of the film, Lex cryptically hints to Batman that he has made contact with Darkseid, inviting the megalomaniacal villain to Earth.

Why Lex could possibly want to visit such destruction on his home planet is still a mystery. Considering the antagonist's apparent lack of motivation, some fans are speculating that Lex really is descending into madness. Obsessed with religious icons, it's possible that having failed to kill the godlike Superman, Lex has instead turned to the demons who "come from the sky."

Lex Luthor's quite obsessed with religious imagery.
Lex Luthor's quite obsessed with religious imagery.

Either that, or he has some sort of grand plan for Darkseid and the metahumans he was investigating, though how he'll act on this in prison remains to be seen. In any case, the deleted scene "Communion," recently released by Warner Bros., actually gives us a lot more insight into this than you might expect. There are vital clues hidden for the future of the DCEU, as well as a connection Cyborg's origin story cameo.

Communing With The Beast

The scene takes place just before Lex Luthor is sent to prison, as some kind of special forces find him in the belly of Zod's ship and arrest him.

Lex is using the Kryptonian form of communication to talk to Steppenwolf, Darkseid's general. This explains how Lex invited Darkseid to Earth, and we can assume that he discovered Darkseid's existence thanks to the Kryptonian database.

Steppenwolf's involvement in the scene is very interesting, considering his role in the New 52 DC comics. In this continuity, which so far the DCEU seems to be drawing from, Steppenwolf lead an army of Darkseid's Parademons to invade Earth-2. It's possible that the world seen in Bruce's vision isn't actually a post-apocalyptic future, but actually Earth-2 itself.

Did Darkseid invade Earth-2?
Did Darkseid invade Earth-2?

The Flash could actually have been Earth-2's Barry Allen, instead of the Flash we saw in Lex Luthor's surveillance files. However, establishing the DC Multiverse in the movies would be a pretty tall order.

The Multiverse stretches across dozens of different versions of Earth, and having just established one Justice League in the next film, it would be strange to then introduce alternate versions of the characters. Unless, of course, Superman's death in Dawn Of Justice really was permanent and the Superman in Justice League is actually Earth-2's Superman.

Superman Vs Superman in "Infinite Crisis."
Superman Vs Superman in "Infinite Crisis."

Multiverse possibilities aside, there are plenty of other hints about the future of the DCEU, and a surprising connection to Cyborg's origin story cameo.

Mother Boxes And Darkseid's Technology

Cyborg's found footage was by far the longest cameo of the sequence, and this makes a lot of sense considering the appearance of the Mother Boxes in the new deleted scene. In the New 52 canon, budding athlete Victor Stone is injured in a lab accident, leading his father to rebuild his body using Darkseid's technology. Which, as you might have guessed, consists mainly of Mother Boxes.

Mother Boxes are fascinating pieces of technology. They attach themselves to a host, healing and rebuilding the body, giving the host incredible powers of invulnerability and technopathy.

Cyborg's New 52 origin.
Cyborg's New 52 origin.

Basically, Victor Stone is now a superhero thanks to this technology, though it looked like an incredibly painful transition.

So now we know how Victor became Cyborg, but we don't know how Silas Stone (his father) obtained a Mother Box. Has Darkseid visited Earth before? It's safe to assume that we'll find out the answers to all this soon, as Cyborg's origin story plays a huge role in the plot of The Justice League Part One, according to director Zack Snyder:

"I really wanted to show Cyborg’s birth because I feel like he plays such a strong part coming up, and I really wanted to give a sense of him."
Concept art of Ray Fisher as Cyborg.
Concept art of Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

And of course, we have to wonder why Steppenwolf was showing Lex Luthor the Mother Boxes in their communication. Was he teaching Lex how to build the Mother Boxes? How is this technology part of Darkseid's plan for Earth? And how is Lex involved in this plan?

We'll just have to wait until The Justice League to find out, but suffice to say that this short scene has opened up plenty of plot points for the DCEU to explore. It's a real shame it was deleted from the theatrical cut of the film.

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