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AT&T will make its entry in the streaming industry to compete against Netflix and Hulu.

There were speculations in the streaming industry that a service, soon to be launched, will be providing the same services as that of market leaders Netflix Inc., Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu etc. AT&T will be the company behind the ad-free subscription based TV service, which will strive to attract the TV viewers that are currently in the hold of the streaming giants. Netflix and all other services have a monthly subscription plan in order to let viewers access the platform.

AT&T has included a new weapon to its product portfolio through which it will seek to compete against the likes of Netflix and Hulu in the streaming market. The company officials said this morning that the new streaming service would be called Fullscreen, which will be a subscription-video-on-demand (SVOD) service. Fullscreen will offer its viewers with an extensive catalog, which will comprise of over 800 hours of movies, TV shows, and special celebrity programs.

The expected lineup that will be put up on the platform will also include a variety of online movies and TV shows from the past such as ‘Cruel Intentions’, ‘Dawson’s Creek’, and ‘Saved by the Bell’, along with its own original programming. The content and video service was launched by Fullscreen media company which is majorly owned by Otter Media. Otter Media is a joint venture with AT&T and The Chernin Group.

Fullscreen is expected to hit the markets in April 26 with a monthly subscription plan of $4.99. People who subscribe to the streaming service platform will have the option to choose from multiple platforms; i.e. the streaming can be done online or on iOS and Android platforms.

The new service believes that teens and millennial are its main target audience. According to the company officials, “Targeting Fullscreen’s highly-engaged 13 to 30-year-old audience, the subscription service will feature more than 800 hours of content and will be available anytime, anywhere at and via iPhone, iPad, select Android Phones and Chromecast for $4.99 per month. The service will be available for global purchase at the same price point with over 90% of the original content and a large selection from the content library.”

Sources suggest that AT&T is interested in expanding in this business category and want to capitalize the future of TV with this service. AT&T’s Fullscreen would target viewers who are increasingly watching their favorite shows and movies online on smartphones or tablet. Hence, soon it will become one of the cord cutters.


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