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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Introduction

Yes, Luna, it is true that anyone can produce a patronus charm, and here are some other facts we know in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Umbridge sent the dementors on Harry and his cousin Dudley, Harry had a hearing at the Ministry of Magic, Voldemort gets to Harry's mind and knows what Harry's memories are, Harry has a crush on Cho and later they were in a relationship but they broke up because Cho betrayed Harry, Umbridge wants to take over Hogwarts along with very strict rules which includes not to use magic in the school or in her classroom. Here are some more facts about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

1. Real Laughter

In the scene where Harry, Ron and Hermione are talking about Harry's kiss with Cho; Daniel, Rupert and Emma started to crack up at the ending of the scene, their laughter was real, the director decided that it was good for the scene and kept rolling.

2. Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood

Evanna Lynch beat 15,000 girls for the role of Luna, she was 9th in line of 29 finalists, and when it came to viewing the audition videos, one of the producers, David Barron, stopped viewing after Evanna's audition and said, "She is Luna", and Evanna Lynch wrote a direct letter to J.K Rowling.

3. Daniel's Suggestion

Daniel Radcliffe came up with a suggestion of respect to a teacher that Harry most certainly looked up to, he would wear certain types of clothes that resembled the outfit worn by Professor Lupin in his lessons from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, during his teachings, the director liked the suggestion that it became the basis for his look during those scenes in The Room of Requirement.

4. Harry's and Cho's Kiss

Katie Leung was nervous about kissing Daniel Radcliffe on screen, and spent several weeks preparing for it. On the planned day for the shooting of the scene, Daniel came down with an illness and filming had to be postponed while he recovered.

5. Same Line, Different Harry Potter Film and Different Character

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when Ron, Fred and George are rescuing Harry from the Dursley's, Ron says, "Rescuing you, of course", in this film, Moody says the same thing to Harry.

6. Professor Trelawney and Dolores Umbridge

Even though they play enemies in the film, Emma Thompson and Imelda Staunton are very good friends, they have appeared in many films together and they live opposite of each other.

6. Purple Hair, Not Pink

Tonks hair was suppose to be pink like in the book but the filmmakers decided to keep her hair purple because they felt that the color pink was more associated with Umbridge.

8. Book vs. Movie

Even though this is the longest book in the seven book series, this is the 2nd shortest movie in the Harry Potter film Series.

9. Nigel

The character Nigel was created for the movie; he does not appear in the books, however, he combines elements with Colin Creevey and Dennis Creevey.

10. Phineas Nigellus Black

The portrait in Dumbledore's office is Phineas Nigellus Black, he is great-grandfather of Sirius Black, Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy, he's also great-great-grandfather to Draco Malfoy and Tonks.

11. Names After Astronomical Objects

Several members of the Black family are named after astronomical objects, you can see the names when Harry and Sirius are in the family tree room. Sirius, Regulus, Adromeda, Acturus, Bellatrix, and Cygnus.

12. The Black Family Tree

The film reveals several characters to be in Sirius Black's family, most notably his cousin Bellatrix Lestrange who is sisters with Narcissa Malfoy, Narcissa is Draco Malfoy's mother. One connection that is not mentioned in this film is that Tonks is family as well, she's first cousin once removed, as her mother, Andromeda is sister to Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy. Andromeda's name can be seen on the tapestry in the family tree room but her portrait has been burned off because her family disowned her from marrying a muggle-born wizard. Tonks name is also on the tapestry, but it doesn't show it, so one has to really look for it.

13. No Quidditch

Rupert Grint was disappointed that the Quidditch subplot was removed from the film, as he was really looking forward to it.

These facts were found from the prophecy, good thing it wasn't from Umbridge, but please comment below on what you think about these interesting facts.

Source: IMDb


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