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Karly Rayner

Ashton Kutcher is the proud father of baby Wyatt and really made a song and dance about it on The Late Late Show, quite literally.

Flanked by host James Corden and Danny Masterson, Kutcher rapped about being blasted out of the pop culture bubble by his wailing baby and how the words "baby girl" are no exclusively reserved for his daughter as opposed to a romantic interest.

Kutcher, who has been very guarded about sharing images of his daughter with Mila Kunis, clearly relished the occasion to show off his daddom while respecting his offspring's privacy as you can see in the stellar performance below:

Although the song mostly laments the woes of looking after a tiny little life, Ashton clearly loves being a dad, just look at his family orientated Instagram account:


Who would be in your ideal Dad Band?


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