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Get in loser, we're going shopping, because as of May 2016, Mean Girls Funko POP! vinyls will be in-stock to purchase, which is 100%, totally grool!

For those not in the know, the Funko POP! vinyl series has become a staple of pop culture merchandising. For fans, they're a great way to own a small piece of your favorite TV show, movie or game — without breaking the bank. There is no limit (wink) to what is, or will be, available in the Funko world.

And of course, Mean Girls, as the seminal coming-of-age, all-pink, all carb-fueled icon of pop culture cinema that it is, has finally been given the Funko treatment. Check it out.

'Is plastic a carb?' - Regina George

'That's why her head's so big, it's full of secrets' - Gretchen Wieners

'I'm a POP!, duh' - Karen Smith

'In May, I asked him when the Mean Girls POP! vinyls were coming out' - Cady Heron

So fetch!

Which pop culture icons would you like to see immortalized in plastic?

Source: Funko POP! via Buzzfeed


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