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It seems that one member of the Kardashian clan hasn't been keeping up with his own family as closely as the rest of the world.

Appearing on Wednesday's episode of Kocktails with Khloe with her guests Pauly Shore, Kendra Wilkinson, Rey Songz and Jillian Rose Reed, the Kardashian sister revealed that her estranged husband Lamar Odom found out much later than everyone else that Caitlyn Jenner was no longer Bruce.

In a candid conversation with her guests, KoKo spoke of the difficulties of introducing the two to one another. She revealed:

"When he had his accident and he was in the hospital, Caitlyn was like, 'I want to come and see Lamar.' Lamar did not know about Caitlyn at that time."

And it wasn't because he didn't want to! Khloe continued to recall a dark time last October when the former NBA star was hospitalized and put into a medically-induced coma after he overdosed on cocaine and viagra at a Las Vegas brothel. She said:

"Lamar was in a coma and Lamar was in a hospital for four months and I kept Lamar very sheltered. During that time was when Caitlyn was transitioning, but also, prior to Lamar's accident, Lamar was not in the best state. I wasn't there to see him, but I can't guarantee you he was watching television was my point."

She added:

"I'm not sure if he entirely understood what was going on, but Lamar is very open and non-judgmental. He would be open and understanding regardless."

Watch the whole discussion in the clip below:

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