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Sixteen years ago, Sony launched the most successful video game console of all time. Today, that console was taken offline, marking the end of an era.

Although Sony hasn't manufactured a single one of these iconic boxes in three years, it was only today that the PS2's last online server was shut down, effectively bringing the life of this legendary console to an end.

Final Fantasy XI was the last game keeping its online functionality alive,
which seems somehow appropriate.

But this shouldn't be a somber occasion. Rather, it's an opportunity to celebrate one of the industry's most influential platforms. Why not take the time to brush up on your knowledge with Ten Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About PlayStation?

Or, check out the PS2's life cycle as told by the numbers.

155,000,000 — Total Consoles Sold

1,510,000,000 — Total Games Sold

17,330,000 — Copies Of 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' Sold (Top Selling Game)

20 — Percent Of US Households That Still Own A PlayStation 2

Though it ceases to exist online, the beloved PS2 will live on in the homes where dust-ridden boxes reside, and in the cherished memories of millions of gamers worldwide.

How will you remember the PlayStation 2?


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