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The film industry has had an obsession with Las Vegas since the 60’s when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr graced our screens in the fantastic Oceans 11. Since then, a stream of great movies have all followed. Wanting to embrace the unique scenery and mystique that only Las Vegas can provide.

With the opulence and extravagance on display providing the perfect backdrop for almost any film imaginable. It is no wonder that directors continually flock to Sunny Nevada to fill our screens with some of the most ground-breaking and historic films in cinema.

Over the years the Las Vegas strip has seen a number of sights, with Alien invasions, time travelling International Man of Mystery Austin Powers and Mafia crime bosses all coming to Sin City’s top casinos to either wreak havoc or make their millions.

That is why, for me. I can't look past 'Casino' as my favorite Las Vegas film. I think it's the film that perfectly embodies everything Las Vegas is about, and the fact it has what is regarded as an accurate portrayal of Rosenthal make it all the better.

Whats your favorite Las Vegas based film?


What is the best film to be set in Las Vegas?

I can't wait to hear what you guys think! Also, if you have any other choices please leave them in the comments!


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