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I've been hooked on DC on TV since 2012 when Arrow debuted on The CW. I remember watching Justin Hartley on Smallville. He wasn't bad, but I couldn't see anyone making an entire show out of the character. Obviously, I was wrong; but DC Comics have a plethora of characters that are perfectly equipped to be on a Premium Network and exceed expectations.

They don't have to stick with Network Television, or take the Netflix route either. They could go to either HBO or Cinemax; and receive heaps of love from adoring fans like myself. See, HBO is owned by Time Warner and Cinemax is like HBO's little annoying brother/sister that tries to measure up, but is socially awkward. By the way, if you haven't watch The Knick on Cinemax -- you really should because it's directed by the phenomenal Steven Soderbergh. Time Warner also owns DC Entertainment. It's the reason why there are so many DCAU's films on HBO all the time!

I have never witnessed anything quite like Batman v Superman. I wish I was talking about the movie, but we both know it's The Critics vs. The Fans. There were a lot of things wrong that one wouldn't expect there'd to be after three years in the making. I've seen it a couple more times (just like Deadpool) and I must say Batfleck was the highlight. We're just hoping that Suicide Squad delivers what Dawn of Justice failed to this Spring. I'm talking about a movie that is loved by both critics and fans to compete with Marvel; this will only make both studios that much better (is it possible with Marvel?).

I know that DC's films are edgier than their Television's side, but just imagine some of DC's most beloved heroes (or villains) on the small screen allowed to do whatever the writers can come up with! I thoroughly enjoy The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow; but since Marvel dominated Netflix last year with Daredevil -- I've been wondering when DC will step their game up? See, the DC Universe can spanned multiple-Earths and still be considered connected. Let's see some more mileage on this, instead of just seeing The Flash pop-up everywhere.

Here are 7 characters that DC should adapt on HBO.

1. Catwoman

Selina would be awesome at HBO
Selina would be awesome at HBO

This is the only time I'm mentioning the awful Halle Berry movie and the better The Dark Knight Rises' version in this article. You could adapt anyone of her story-lines from the comics and it would make awesome television on a Premium Network.

Personally, I rather'd see the thievery version way more than any of the more risque ones; because it just rubs me the wrong way at certain times. Plus, you could have so many interweaving stories from Gotham that Fox just can't do. And I know, Fox already have her as a primary character in their show and it seems like too much. Depending on how they do the show -- you'll never know unless there's a show!

2. Zatanna

I can't help myself; I really want to see her have her own show. I put her on another list awhile back and I still want to hear some news on the matter regarding a Justice League Dark movie. Please don't think that I'm putting these big-breasted women on this list because of HBO's conduct of nudity. No, I really would enjoy seeing these character have a show outside the mainstream to illustrate how amazing each of them are in their respective corner of DC.

Plus, these shows wouldn't necessarily hit with more traditional audiences; like Constantine on NBC in 2014. There was a couple poorly made episodes, but for the most part it was spectacular. Can you picture Zatanna maneuvering through the weird world of DC on HBO (I think so)?

3. Aqualad (Kaldur)

OK, I admit, I finally just watched Young Justice over the weekend and I loved it. I only watched the first season and I kind of know what happens in the second. This would be awesome to see him studying Sorcery from under the sea and then chooses a life among the surface dwellers. You need one or two more heroes to make the show extremely compelling.

Now, I don't see HBO focusing too much on the underwater stuff, but it would be neat to see some of his powers on the small screen. To be honest, I think HBO would be a perfect place to see an adaptation of Young Justice, but way more adult (obviously). You can really dive deep into his struggles and plus with the bigger budget that HBO carries, you could do a lot more. I don't know if we'll see him on the big screen, but we should definitely see him on the small screen.

4. Crisis on Infinite Earths (TV Characters Only)

You know, I wished that back in 2013 when Man of Steel arrived at theaters; DC decided to go the unconventional route and decided to combine their two divisions to give us something truly ambitious. This would have not been that hard to do and would give us the fans something to talk about besides two heroes battling against one another. They could have easily set-it-up through post-credits scene in their movies; by introducing the audience to DC's characters on television. Sadly, we'll never know, but...

Smallville's Earth-1 and Arrow's Earth-2
Smallville's Earth-1 and Arrow's Earth-2

It still could totally work with using only characters from DC on TV (minus a couple)! Tom Welling would return as Superman and just show a more adult-version of Bruce Wayne in Fox's Gotham. You might have to do a little reshuffling, but with Legends of Tomorrow introducing a vast array of characters, I totally could see this working. Some shows are bound to be cancelled and this is a fitting way to say goodbye in a Mini-Series from HBO! Oh yeah, CW's parent company is Time Warner. This would be a ratings juggernaut and I can almost guarantee you better than Dawn of Justice (I liked it, but there were a lot of problems in the movie).

5. Miss Martian and Martian Manhunter in 'The Martian Saga' (preferably something titled a lot better!)

Did you see the shortened version of this on Supergirl? That was emotional and HBO would be the perfect place to show how despicable The White Martians treated our favorite Martian. I would have Manhunter and Miss Martian on Earth fighting an impending attack from the White Martians. You could show their history though flashbacks and I know; I am most certainly dreaming right now.

6. Bat-Family

Missing Bat-Wing
Missing Bat-Wing

This would be the only show that I would have direct ties into the DCEU. Batman is DC's most popular character and can you picture all the amazing stories you could tell with Batman's extended family? I mean, this could be an ensemble or just choose to concentrate on three characters. It doesn't matter and it's guaranteed ratings for HBO.

By introducing these characters on HBO and doing a quick-something about them into films to introduce the masses to these awesome people! You now just opened up the DCEU with tons of characters with the affiliation of the bat. I don't know what DC could do better than this (besides make a movie with the Bat-Family). You could have an amazing Ivy/Quinn story, plus introduce characters that would have no chance of making it into the featured films -- like Bat-Wing.

7. Deathstroke

Manu Bennett owned this role on CW's Arrow. They gave us one of the best seasons to ever aired on television (IMO). Can you picture this character being Slade Wilson anywhere else besides HBO and doing justice for the character (besides Arrow). We could be introduced to Rose Wilson and so much more. I would love to see this also be part of DCEU, but I think it might be a tad too violent to have him in the DCEU. I don't know, I'll wait to make my judgement until after I see BvS' Blu-Ray's cut! He deserves something more and I hope DC's willing to give us something sooner rather than later.


Yes, I know that these are all dreams, but DC really should consider this an option. As of now, Suicide Squad has a ton of pressure with a successful release not only financially, but critically as well. DC have already proven they can release great television and I think some more quality shows would help further along their real money-maker in the films. You set shows up at HBO and have direct ties into the movies and now you can explore subjects that wouldn't fit in a big-budget, but still have it part of their Universe. They'll have to something if Suicide Squad fails and Captain America: Civil War breaks records at the box office (It really might, I can't believe it's only a month away!!).

Suicide Squad hit theaters on August 5th in the United States!

What DC characters would you like to see on HBO?


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