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I'm on top of the world right now! We all know that how the extremely divisive 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice', is practically splitting the fans of the genre, with some claiming that it is 'one of the greatest comic movies' ever, while some believe that it was a complete mess.

According to scores of viewers, the major blunder in this ambitious venture was the 'editing', as it felt kind of rough and discontinuous. Many viewers and top critics alike have expressed their despondency over this editing clutter to Warner Bros. through Twitter and several other platforms.

In the wake of this and all the divisive chaos that the movie created, Warner Bros. along with Zack Snyder have finalized on re-releasing the debatable 'Batman V Superman' along with an additional 30 minutes of the Directors' cut.

The date of re-releasing hasn't yet been confirmed. Wait.... I'm sorry guys!

No, BvS is not gonna re-release and there are no future plans of doing it too! Well today happens to be the ever-so-famous 'April Fool's' Day and this was just a prank of sorts.

I'm really sorry, for everyone who kinda believed it and was on the verge of a stroke.

I know many would have blown a fuse by now and would be wanting to bit-off my head at the merest opportunity. Well you can surely release your anger in the comments below....and ya..Happy April Fool's Day to ya'll!


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