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It's almost WrestleMania time in the WWE! And with WrestleMania comes some show-stopping entrances - and nobody does an entrance quite like the Undertaker. Thus, what better time to take a look back over his 26 year career and check out some of his most amazing entrances!

Watch in awe as the Phenom makes his way to the ring with some of the most show-stopping visuals you will ever see! The Deadman Lives!

Survivor Series (1990) - The Debut of The Undertaker

We have to start at the beginning. November 22, 1990 - A date that is etched into history - the Undertaker's first ever entrance was a memorable one simply because it was the first time we ever saw this huge phenomenon enter the ring. His entrance has definitely evolved over the years, but this one has gone down in history for introducing us to the awe-inspiring Undertaker!

WrestleMania IX (1993)

The Undertaker made an ominously stoic entrance back at 1993's WrestleMania IX live in Ceaser's Palace in Las Vegas before a monumental collision with the 8 foot tall Giant Gonzalez. Arguably the first real spectacle entrance from the Phenom, he entered the arena in his trademark black and gray garb, accompanied by a chariot and a Vulture, led by his legendary manager: the late, great Paul Bearer.

SummerSlam (1993)

Perhaps the beginning of the modern Undertaker entrance we know today, this was one of the first times we see the Undertaker entering the darkened arena and raising the lights. It was also one of the first times he had ever entered without Paul Bearer by his side. Today we may have the blue light and the flames in the arena, but this was one was particularly special as the Undertaker entered "gliding to the ring" as Vince McMahon put it, in the midst of total darkness as the audience erupted. Simple but effective: The Man in Black never looked so awe-inspiring.

SummerSlam (1994)

After losing a Casket Match in January 1994, the Undertaker promised a "re-birth". Once the Phenom's place was taken by a lookalike, money-hungry, Million Dollar puppet - Paul Bearer took it upon himself to resurrect his Undertaker and thus at SummerSlam, the Undertaker returned (sporting purple instead of gray) to put his imposter to rest. The entrance has been immortalised as one of his greatest - the purple light flooded the arena as the Undertaker's silhouette filled the aisle way and Vince McMahon uttered those unforgettable words "Now THAT'S...Now THAT'S The Undertaker!". It is an image that will never be forgotten.

Survivor Series (1996)

After being betrayed by Paul Bearer and buried alive by Mankind, the Undertaker returned at Survivor Series in 1996. On his sixth anniversary - the Deadman had completely re-invented himself - losing the purple and sporting all black, he allowed his natural hair colour to show and had a black tear tattoo on his cheek. But the entrance he made was something straight out of a comic-book. Just like Batman, the Undertaker descended into the area with Bat-Wings! It was the beginning of a new era for the Man from the Dark Side.

WrestleMania XIV (1998)

One of his Top 5 Greatest Entrances of All time, the Undertaker entered WrestleMania XIV to do battle with his brother Kane for the first time ever. But his entrance was nothing short of spectacular! Surrounded by druids, heralded by thunder and lightning and wearing a long black robe with a Dracula-esque collar. Words can't describe it - it must be seen to be believed!

WrestleMania XV (1999)

The Undertaker had gone even darker in the previous year, forming the Ministry of Darkness and re-aligning with Paul Bearer. The entrance featured a new Gothic theme, a Dracula-like cape and an Undertaker more evil than before, with a devilish goatee to match his twisted personality. As Bearer and the Undertaker made their way to the ring side by side, they were a pretty intimidating sight - especially when they were making their way towards the Hell In A Cell structure!

WrestleMania X-Seven (2001)

By the time 2001 had rolled around, the Undertaker had evolved into the 'American Badass'. Dropping everything dark, the Undertaker was now a biker who loved to brawl - much more like the man in real life than his mythical character. Before his clash with Triple H at WrestleMania X-Seven, the Undertaker rode into the Astrodome in his hometown of Houston, Texas to a thunderous ovation. The motrocycle blazed down the aisleway as the audience cheered for their hometown boy!

WrestleMania XX (2004)

In one of the greatest moments in WrestleMania history, the Undertaker returned to to his Deadman persona at WrestleMania XX. After being buried alive by Kane in 2003, 'Taker's 'American Badass' persona was laid to rest once and for all. Six months later, the druids, the hat, the coat, the urn and Paul Bearer all returned to herald the return of the Deadman...the Undertaker! Spine-tingling!

No Mercy (2004)

In what was undoubtedly his most chilling entrance ever, the Undertaker arrived at No Mercy 2004 for the first ever Last Ride Match. As he made his way to the ring, he stopped, icily glaring at the hearse that was parked in the aisle way. With that exception, he never took his cold eyes off JBL for the remainder of the entrance. His eyes told a better story than words ever could. Chilling.

All Images & Videos Courtesy of WWE
All Images & Videos Courtesy of WWE

WrestleMania 21 (2005)

Only the Undertaker could make his way down the aisle without actually walking down it. In 2005's WrestleMania 21 that's exactly how the legend entered the area - seemingly floating down the ramp, approaching the ring without ever moving a muscle. As Michael Cole put it "It is the mystique that is the Undertaker".

SmackDown! (06/04/2007)

After winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Batista at WrestleMania 23, the Undertaker had an incredible entrance on the follow-up episode of SmackDown! surrounded by druids with the flaming torches. It was simply amazing to watch an entrance worthy of a pay-per-view squashed into the smaller SmackDown! arena as the ring announcer Justin Roberts bellowed "Please Welcome the NEW World Heavyweight Champion...The Undertaker!"

SmackDown! (20/09/2009) - The Brothers of Destruction vs Jeri-Show

The Undertaker and Kane had entered together many times during the far superior "Attitude Era" but perhaps none (yet) were as epic as this entrance as the brothers entered together on SmackDown! in 2009. Accompanied by flaming Undertaker symbols and a lot of Kane's trademark explosions, the Brothers of Destruction looked larger than life as they slowly made their way down to the ring.

WrestleMania XVIII (2012)

WrestleMania XVIII saw the birth of what fans have since lovingly called "The Shredder-Taker". Now semi-retired, 'Taker would return once a year to defend his undefeated Streak at WrestleMania. As he entered Hell In A Cell for the 12th time to do battle with Triple H, he sported a new deadly spiky hooded robe. Looking very like the nemesis of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Undertaker made his way through the fog and through "fifty foot high flames" as he prepared to enter the "Devil's Playground". Although the coat wouldn't be used much in the future because it was a bit clunky and hard to throw on and off, the sight of him approaching through the flames has immortalised it in WWE Hisotry!

WrestleMania 29 (2013)

Another one for his Top 5 entrances, the Undertaker entered the MetLife Stadium in true Deadman fashion. The sight of the Phenom ascending onto the stage as tortured "undead" souls clawed at his (new and improved shredder) jacket was simply stunning. In true Walking Dead fashion, the Undertaker reminded the world that even after 21 WrestleMania appearances and 23 years of competition that he could still produce a stunning entrance! Simply magical! The match that followed was a 5 star classic as the Undertaker defended the honour of his late, great manager and concluded in an emotional and fitting tribute to the Legendary Paul Bearer!

WWE RAW (24/02/2014)

After another year of absence, WrestleMania time brought with it the return of the Undertaker. This time the Phenom challenged Brock Lesnar and although their 2014 rivalry ended very poorly and paled in comparison to their 2015 rivalry, it began incredibly well with this segment. There was nothing particularly out of the ordinary about this entrance, but seeing the Deadman return with his 1999 Ministry goatee and perhaps looking more menacing than ever is enough to earn this amazing return a spot on this list!

WWE RAW (9/11/2015) - The Brothers of Destruction Re-Emerge

After Bray Wyatt had taken out both the Undertaker and Kane on seperate occassions, the Brothers of Destruction returned for vengeance against the Wyatt Family. After almost twenty years since the Kane/Undertaker saga began, to still see the Undertaker and Kane together is a testament to both superstars. The roar of the Manchester crowd as the Undertaker and Kane emerged from the curtain just added to this already powerful and amazing moment. Michael Cole said it best when uttered "The Phenom, the Undertaker...the Demon, Kane - the Brothers of Destruction!"

Survivor Series (2015) - 25th Anniversary of the Undertaker

25 years of the Undertaker culminated with his entrance at Survivor Series - 25 years to the day of his debut - and a special entrance that was quite simply PHENOMenal! As his brother Kane did his signature taunt, igniting the Undertaker's symbols, the Phenom made his way down to the ring like so many times before. But this time - above the ring, hung a large casket that played a loop of images of all his different personas and looks throughout the years. A fitting tribute for the legendary Undertaker that will go down as one of his greatest entrances of all time.

But it's not over yet: The Undertaker will walk into WrestleMania for the 24th time as he goes head to head with Shane McMahon inside Hell In A Cell! The AT&T Stadium in Texas will be set for the collision and the spectacles of entrances that will unfold before all our eyes. In his home state of Texas, in his ring, in his yard, in his house - be ready for an Undertaker entrance of EPIC Proportions!

This WrestleMania will NOT be my last!

- The Undertaker (Monday Night RAW 28/04/16)

All Images and videos belong to WWE.


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