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Ah, you think the comics are your ally? You merely adopted the movies. I was born with them, molded by them.
Greg Wainwright

Ok. We have had a week to digest the events of Batman V Superman. My head is still reeling from the possibilities going forward. One thing we know for sure is that Zac Snyder is staying true to the source material. Do not continue reading if you haven't seen the movie, because... well.... spoilers dummy.

You have been warned.. turn back now..

Now that we have ditched the uninformed who for some weird reason hasn't seen the movie yet, let's just talk about that scene! As soon as Wonder Woman chopped off Doomsday's arm and that spike grew in I knew... WB wasn't messing around. They aren't sacrificing story lines for the sake of entertainment (Ahem Marvel... Hank Pym created Ultron). I knew that Superman was about meet his end. Sure enough just like the comics, Superman and Doomsday fell at the same time and we see "The Death of Superman" storyline play out. Those who know the comics are resting well at night knowing that Superman does indeed come back to life. But with Justice League Part 1 due next year, when will the Man of Steel make his return? Here is my theory.

The New 52 Justice League
The New 52 Justice League

I have a sneaky feeling we will be seeing elements of the Justice League: WAR storyline that launched the new 52. My main case for this is that the super friends do not know about each other yet. This leads to some pretty comical interactions between the newly acquainted super heroes. With a promise of JL being a little lighter, this makes sense. It also leads to some great storylines to explore now that these heroes who have been solo for so long now have to figure out how to work together (an element that made The Avengers movie a classic). Cyborg is featured as an original JL member in this DCCU. That cube that transformed him in BvS was a motherbox. I will not explain what they are, but know they are used by Darkseid and a huge element of the WAR storyline. Cyborg saves the day in the movie because of his advanced AI that has fused with him. Also, in the WAR storyline, Darkseid knows Superman is the best gun the JL has and he aims to take him out before actually arriving. He succeeds by capturing Supes and it weakens the team greatly. Superman is already removed from the equation due to events in BvS. This will leave Batman to assemble the team which is a better plot than Superman just asking the meta humans to join him. Who would you say yes to: A man in a bat suit or a super alien? It will create a good tension as the new team forms. Superman is also manipulated and goes a little crazy in JL:WAR and turns on his new team for a bit leaving me to think that the dirt rising at the end of BvS is really....

Could Superman be the Villain in Part 1?
Could Superman be the Villain in Part 1?

Darkseid is totally going to scoop up Superman's body and turn him evil and unleash him on the JL in Part 1. In BvS, Superman brought a broken Bruce Wayne back into the light, back into being a good guy. In JL Part 1, Bruce will be able to return the favor as he convinces his new pal he has been brain washed... Do I see another "Martha" moment coming?? Superman will turn good again, just in time for Darkseid to descend to make JL Part 2 a crazy battle that unites the rag tag team of super folks. Let your mind soak in this a minute... We are going to see the Justice League form and unite to beat Superman! They will turn him good in time to beat the bigger threat. I'm giddy with joy and I really think the DCCU should hire me and fellow fanboys as consultants so we don't get the plot holes we got in BvS. Expect the Death of Superman and Justice League: WAR story lines to play a huge role influencing Justice League: Part 1. Pick up the comics and see the movies and let me know if you agree.


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