ByNathaniel Rego, writer at
Nathaniel Rego

Like the anticipated Jungle Cruise movie, based on the famed Disney ride of the same name, Alien Encounter shall soon make its big screen debut, despite that the attraction that's been succeeded by Stitch's Great Escape at Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World is ultimately debunked.

Disney had confirmed that they're making The Jungle Cruise and Alien Encounter films. The attraction of Alien Encounter was so frightening to especially small children that Disney had no choice but to shut it down for good. Along came its successor Stitch's Great Escape.

Its also been confirmed that The Little Mermaid actress Bella Thorne will be in this anticipated movie, along with Zendaya, since working together for three years on the former Disney Channel series Shake it Up.

Feel free to ride the Jungle Cruise when it explores theaters soon and watch Bella Thorne and Zendaya battle a deadly alien in Alien Encounter also in theaters soon.


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