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Maze Runner

It's March, and for me that is the months of a new Divergent film. This year it is Allegiant. Both Divergent and Insurgent was descent movies filled with action, but with a plot that was a little hard to believe in, but all in all I really liked them.

So when Allegiant came to theatres I had to go see it. And it was also pretty good.

The plot was good, but best in the start. The wall scene was fabulous and the movie looked kind great. The acting was good too, especially Theo James. I think the characters could have needed a little more personality, and the main character, Tris, will never be on the same level as Thomas (The Maze Runner) or Katniss (The Hunger Games).

The plot was a little confusing and some part were hard to believe. The bubbles they were flying in was a little was te, but whatever. I think this movie is at the same level as Divergent and Insurgent.

So overall, Allegiant was a good movie with great action and acting, but the plot was a little confusing and the characters a little bland. It'll never reach the level of The Hunger Games nor The Maze Runner movies.

Rating: 3,75 out of 5 stars.


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