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Ah, you think the comics are your ally? You merely adopted the movies. I was born with them, molded by them.
Greg Wainwright

Ok.I need to eat a piece of humble pie. Stop reading now to avoid.. well... spoilers dummy.

You have been warned.....

Alright. Honesty time. I was right on board with thinking that Zoom was Henry Allen from Earth-2. Jon Wesley Shipp's lack of being around this season after getting sprung from Iron Heights had me thinking that the CW was saving his cameos for the Zoom reveal arc... WRONG!! If you are among the land of the breathing, you now know that Zoom is none other than... Teddy Sears.

Teddy Sears is not just JAY GARRICK
Teddy Sears is not just JAY GARRICK

Calm down. I realize I said Teddy Sears, who is the actor who plays multiple people on the Flash. There is zero chance Golden Age Speedster Jay Garrick is Zoom. In the comics, Zoom is known as Hunter Zolomon. He is the third of the reverse flashes and more associated with Wally West's Flash. The show has changed things up a bit already. Jay Garrick that Barry knew in the show tracked down his Earth 1 dopple and said he was orphaned and named.... Hunter Zolomon. We are also privy to Zoom's speed being a product of Velocity 9 (blue lightning baby!). The show does have him in a demonic black suit to better prevent any confusion with the actual Reverse Flash (Good call CW). The confusion comes when Zoom stabs the Jay that team Flash knew and pulls him through the breech back to Earth 2. If that Jay was a speed mirage (Wells used it that trick last season), why was zoom able to the lifeless body? And who the heck is in the Iron Mask? Confusion abounds.

Jay Fighting Jay?
Jay Fighting Jay?

Stay with me here. Right now I am counting not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 Jay Garricks.. Well at least Teddy Sears characters. The Jay Garrick seen in the pic above is the one in the iron mask. His twin brother Hunter Zolomon was adopted and both are able to tap into the speed force. The Man in the Iron Mask was a story about twins so there ya go. That means each has a dopple on Earth 1. We have seen all 3 of 4 versions of the Teddy Sears character. 1- The Jay the gang meets. 2- Zoom unmasked. 3- Hunter Zolomon (aka Jays Earth 1 doppleganger) sitting on a bench. It is possible that the Jay the gang met had no clue he had a twin with the whole being split up and adopted thing. I believe the 4th is our Iron Masked Friend. We will find out next week. Until then, I am truly thrown off. It is driving me mad that I don't know. I am hoping my theory about twins plays into the resolution. Have a different theory? Feel free to comment below!


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