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After watching the episode "Beacon Of Hope" from Arrow. I was amazed by all those teases and references they made in his episode. Things like these make audience watch your show not some crappy s*** they show us. We love teases for the future.If u haven't seen it go do that. "SPOILERS AHEAD FROM THE EPISODE"

List Of All The Teases And References Made By The Cast During The Episode :

  • Team Arrow During Practice :

Oliver: “Laurel, she’s not Voldemort. And I’m fine. That’s a good idea. You should tell Alex to talk to Felicity.”

  • Smoak Is a Die Hard Fan I Guess :

Felicity: “Look around you! We’re in a Die Hard movie with bees!”

  • Independence Day :

Captain Lance : Like They Did In Independence Day movie

In Independence Day, the invading alien army is shut down by a simple computer virus uploaded into their mothership. This worked primarily because the alien craft all worked on a hive-mind.

  • Dodger From Past :

Winnick Norton is an elusive international jewel thief who operates under the codename "The Dodger."

He's been referenced a couple of times, but only seen once, back in Season One.

His signature is to use a hostage to procure items for him, by attaching a bomb collar to them.

  • ARROW Cave :

While the lair/hideout/bunker/foundry was referred to as the "Arrowcave," on the show by Curtis

  • Mr.Terrific :

This isn't the first time Curtis has said "terrific!" to express his approval of something...

...Which is always a high-five moment for us, since Curtis is the TV version of Michael Holt, the superhero known as Mr. Terrific.

  • Biatch :
Lay Down Biatch
Lay Down Biatch
We Got The Bad Biatch
We Got The Bad Biatch

Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) From "Breaking Bad" is also in the list with his famous line "What Up Biatch? " . Smoak did the biatch thing perfectly same as jesse would but there is no comparisions between them. Aaron paul is on a holy high level

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