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Legends of Tomorrow has added a new actor and we couldn't be more excited about it. Patrick J. Adams, best known for his potrayal of Mike Ross in the hit Drama, Suits, has been cast in a mysterious role.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Adams will first appear in Season 1 finale “Legendary” as a “fun character the fans will love,” previously described in rumors as a “beloved superhero from the DC canon” whose mysterious agenda serves as “a launching off point for Season 2.” The character will also appear in the Season 2 premiere, with the potential to recur or return thereafter.

But the question is, which superhero could Patrick J. Adams be playing?

He's being rumoured to play either one of these two characters:

  • Booster Gold
  • Green Lantern

While it's most likely that he'll end up playing Booster Gold, we won't mind seeing Hal Jordan in the Flarrowverse after being teased for so long. And who better to play such an important character in DC Universe than Patrick J. Adams?!

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