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It happened. It's past a week since BvS hit the screens and...well, it did received the expected either-end reviews that Zack Snyder's films usually get.

For me personally, this film was great, not amazing. I waited three years for it and it was different to what I expected which made me enjoy it. It was a graphic novel feel and I loved every scene in it. I'm sure the Directors Cut will be amazing though, but that, we'll have to wait and see.

With all the backlash that the film is facing, I thought it would be nice to round up the five main members involved within Batman v Superman and how rate them as of what I made from their characters/roles.

Henry Cavill - Superman (8/10)

For me, Cavill makes a really good Superman. I wasn't a fan of Man of Steel at first (although I enjoyed it), but after watching it over and over, I understood the essence of it.

In this movie, as Henry Cavill says during their press tour, Clark is still growing as Superman. MoS showed him him and the world the physical strength he possesses and this movie was more psychological. It was playing with the philosophies of what's right and what's wrong and what it could ultimately mean to him as a person. He ends up making mistakes like falling for Lex's trap and that terrifies him. It backlashes in the public hating him, not because he's an alien, but because he didn't do anything about it. If he was a hero, it would be different. But they don't know that and he doesn't know how to make them think of him that way.

The fight against Batman starts off with him trying to give Bruce another chance. For him, it was just trying to communicate, figure it out on how he could show that they are better than Lex. But once he realises that Batman was there to kill, he goes rage. He has himself to save now and his mother. The fight was a very critical character development point for me as it showed how Superman went from needy, to calm, to hopeful and then hopeless.

The fight against Doomsday showed how much he was willing to show humanity what being a hero to them meant to him. Before this, he was critically abused by everyone after everything that happened prior to this, and this was his only chance to prove everyone wrong.

Superman has along way to go. I still think for him it's dark before dawn and that he will be satisfied once he finds himself.

Ben Affleck - Batman (10/10)

What a time to be alive. We get two superb Batman's, one real world and one comic-booky. Ben Affleck's Batman IS the best Batman/Bruce Wayne I've ever witnessed. I can say that I was never a fan of his announcement, but when I saw the first image of him in the suit, I was sold. He fits the character of an older Bruce ever so well and his acting stood out compared to the other actors. He was a set ahead of everyone. We got a proper detective styled Bruce Wayne, a raged styled Bruce Wayne and a Batman.

The opening credit scene was beautiful. Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL did a fantastic job bring that credit scene to life with the soundtrack A Beautiful Lie. Straight from there, the scene of MoS from the ground was brilliant and you can make out how angry Bruce gets from then. This is 18 months before the actual time line of BvS so imagine how focused and angered Bruce would be during the present day.

What wanted him to bring Superman down was anger, rage and the fear of power being misused, which was clearly discussed throughout the movie. Two years of preparation made him blindsided to finding out about other metahumans that could potentially be existing on earth. For him it was all about Superman and taking him down.

The fight, from "Well, Here I am" showed how confident he was in taking him down. He didn't let Clark distract him at all as he knew for a fact, if he was to talk himself out of it, he would never be able to pull himself back into doing this. While many people felt that the Martha scene was silly, it just showed what broke Bruce's focus. Once he found out who she was, it showed how he understood that this was a man, not an alien.

Bruce's determination to find the other metahumans after Superman's death showed how scared and worried he was if something like Doomsday would return and what the future of humanity could possession (dream sequence).

Jessie Eisenberg - Lex Luthor JR. (7.5-8/10)

Notice how I made that JR. capital? Yes, that was intended.

This wasn't the Lex anyone wanted or was expecting for sure but it's what we got and have to deal with. And I...somehow was terrified of him, in a good way.

The character was over the top and all over the place but I felt this was a good thing. For me, his ability to show different sides of him to different people was what made me say "interesting...I like that".

For him, he is afraid of what these GODS can turn out to be and he always sees it negatively. I can't remember line by line but his conversation with the Senator at his father's office shows what he thinks of them as, the devil. He is also someone who uses people. The moment the Senator was willing to take away his access to the Ship, he decided it was time to let her go. And this even meant killing off his assistant. Cold hearted.

But the best part about this character was later, once he accesses the ship. He pretty much starts to go insane. Imagine, all the Kryptonian knowledge in a human brain. That one deleted scene with Steppenwolf shows how he releases what he knows know and how powerful he is mentally, but its also too much for someone as smart like him to handle. He is clearly going insane.

The fight created by him, for me, was to show he was smarter than both Batman and Superman. He triggered their weaknesses into making them do something they didn't want to. He was always a step ahead of them. I'll be really interested into seeing what they do with his character in the future.

Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman (9/10)

Before anything, that soundtrack though.

I was the person who was never going to give Gal a chance, she didnt fit the role in my head. But, from what I saw, she looks amazing! She had a mysterious feel to her which I enjoyed and thought it added another dimension into her character.

While she did not have much to do till the third act, he chemistry with Bruce, mostly through eye contact, got me excited into thinking what her role could be in this movie.

As Diana, she seemed clever, confident and independent, the three things I always felt that Diana possessed, so that's a big tick for me. Her fight sequence against Doomsday was so good. That smile when she gets hit back got me jumping. The overall character was superbly placed in the film and now I can't WAIT for her solo film.

The last 20 minutes showed how she wasn't up for the Justice League idea because of her lost in faith in man. I loved the ideology behind it as in the comics and animated movies, she grows found of them over time, showing a lot of room for character development.

Amy Adams - Lois Lane (7.5/10)

(I will be briefing her up real quick)

Alot has been said on Lois in this movie. One thing that's not been said much is how she helps in humanising Clark. "SAVE LOIS" shows how important she is for the future of this franchise.

One big thing for me was how different she was in this as compared to in MoS. She seemed like a proper journalist, and, Lois Lane. The Africa scene where she says "I'm a journalist" made me smile just because that's what you'd expect Lois to say.

Skipping to the scene where she throws the Kryptonite spear into the water. What I made of it was, in her head, that's the one weapon that could kill the man she loves. She needs to put it somewhere that no one can find it, atleast for now. Best option? Throw it down there. Let it be unknown. It would be tough for anyone to track. Plus, she's in an area where no one is around. If I were her, I wouldn't just leave it out.


So who was your favorite character from these five? And do you agree with what I've made out of them? Make sure you comment below!


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