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Imagine these three working together to cause chaos once more?! I honestly can't wait! The stars of V/H/S, Last Shift, and Too Many Cooks are teaming up to create a brand new horror film called Amerikan Hell!

Filmmakers, Robert Bryce Milburn and Nicholas Begnaud, have snagged these popular villains and are developing a new horror movie that hinges on believable ideas about terrorism and the media, and delivers real-world horror with style.

Hannah Fierman, Josh Mikel, and William Tokarsky, the three talented people behind these indie horror icons will be starring in a brand new horror film that is currently crowdfunding via Kickstarter. Want to see these three work together in an action-packed, horrifyingly gut wrenching new movie?! Then head on over to Kickstarter and check out their new movie, Amerikan Hell!

Concept for "Amerikan Hell: The Devil Is Among Us!"
Concept for "Amerikan Hell: The Devil Is Among Us!"

'Amerikan Hell' Synopsis:

A church burns to the ground with a congregation locked inside and every local news source is desperately scrounging through rumors to get the full story before they’re live in a few minutes. When it seems like there’s no cohesive account, one young producer gets the tip of his career: the supposed group of psychopaths that have been terrorizing the region are offering not only the story but their personal footage of the horrors inside of the church as it all unfolded. Without a way of contacting them again, it’s on the poorly funded news station to juggle their integrity and rebroadcast the psychopaths’ footage or turn it over to the authorities.

In this new indie horror film, they'll also be recreating this epic scene from Hatchet! One of the killers (Sam Eidson) will be ripping a gas station clerk's (Michael Aaron Milligan) head in half, just like this! Ain't this beautiful! :)

And if you don't love that, this new film will also have a horrifyingly epic church burning scene. William Tokarsky (the killer from Too Many Cooks), who will be playing a catholic priest in Amerikan Hell, will be burning down a church with gasoline (shh, it's supposed to be holy water). Of course, like every classic horror film, an attractive young female (Lillian Johnson) escapes the burning building and tries to run for safety. Who knows if she lives or dies in this new film!

Rumor has it that Lily from V/H/S and John Michael Paymon from Last Shift brutally murder this runaway young female — but you didn't hear that from me! ;)

"He he he" is what the killer is saying right now. Because he LOVES to kill!


Who is your favorite?!


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