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Since today is April Fools' Day, and we are all feeling that jokester kinda vibe, you can now change up your look on Snapchat to match the Clown Prince Of Crime — white face, green tint and all. You'll definitely be matching that toxic green that's being splashed across all Suicide Squad and DC social media accounts — Twitter, Instagram and Facebook included. The newest emoji available on Twitter is a Joker emoji, which you can add to your tweet. Make sure to include the hashtag and you'll be gifted a creepy Joker emoji.

Jared Leto himself couldn't help but get in on the Snapchat action and bring out his inner growling jester.

Suicide Squad's Facebook page has also been bombarded with Joker cover images, as have the Facebook pages for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and DC Comics.

Have you also stopped by its Instagram?


A photo posted by Suicide Squad (@suicidesquadmovie) on

And be sure to check out Leto's own Facebook page. You'll know exactly who was there.

Xo #tbt

Posted by Jared Leto on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Suicide Squad tells the story of the world's scariest incarcerated supervillains who are assembled to help the government fight off an ambiguous entity. When the Suicide Squad realizes the government never believed they would ever succeed, the crew of dark characters have to decide whether to step up or disband.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5.



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