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In a world filled with camera phones, social media and security breaches, keeping major movie plot points a secret during filming is a daunting task. While the cast and crew of Star Wars have always been great at keeping things under wraps, sometimes even seasoned veterans can't help but let something slip.

Late last night, Luke Skywalker legend Mark Hamill officially promised to reveal one major spoiler from Star Wars: Episode VIII, under one condition: He reaches one million Twitter followers by the end of the day.

According to Hamill's tweet, Episode VIII director Rian Johnson has given him permission to disclose a spoiler from the movie.

With his following increasing but wavering around 985 thousand, 15,000 followers throughout the day is still a pretty long way to go.

This might concern some Star Wars fans out there, but being the absolute gentleman that he is, Hamill later ensured us that even if he doesn't reach his 1 million follower mark, he will share the secret anyway.

So spread the word far and wide across the galaxy! If you're not already following Mark Hamill on Twitter, do so today and we'll all be in for a treat later.

I'm just really hoping this isn't another April Fools' Day joke. Teasing Star Wars fans like that would be a Sith Lord level of cruelty.


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