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The mysterious young Saiyan Cabe from Universe 6 is all set to face the saiyan prince of Universe 7 Vegeta on Dragon Ball Super Episode 37.

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Metal Man Maggeta got crushed by Vegeta after an epic clash. And from the trailer of Dragon Ball Super Episode 37 we know Vegeta’s next opponent is Cabe.

The trailer to be told the least was astonishing for the fans. The trailer revealed that Cabe can in fact transform into the Super Saiyan form though he previously claimed he doesn’t know anything about it. We also see Vegeta turning Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. Another important thing that we noticed in the trailer is that Goku was saying,

‘ Vegeta why are you breaking the rules? Are you going back to the way you used to be?’

So this tells us Vegeta might in some way break the tournament rules.

However, the most stunning part of the trailer was Cabe turning Super Saiyan. Now the question is how did that happen? Dragon Ball Super is offering us so many new twists it really hard to speculate.

The most common question that comes to our mind and also what Dragon Ball wants the fans to think for the time being is if Cabe lied.

Though not confirmed it appears that Cabe didn’t lie. There are more than just one reason that hints Cabe didn’t cheat...

Because they already featured the twisted little bitch emperor Frost who absolutely tricked us to believe that he is an angel. It goes without saying that Frost’s heel turn was shown in a 5 star manner. It got almost 95% of the fans. So this arc already used that ‘Heel turn’ part. Good guy exposed as evil has happened. So I don’t think that they will do this same thing again with Cabe. And even if they did it would be a wrong move and fans will get seriously annoyed.

Besides when Frost was exposed Cabe said he fought wars with him thinking he is on the right side of the force. So it implies he is a simple good guy. For him to be another deceiving little bitch the plot has to be way too twisted. So plot progressing wise my verdict is that isn’t happening.

Now, story wise I don’t see why he would lie about it. Because he might want to hide his powers from his opponents but why would he tell Champa that he doesn’t know anything about this form. Apart from Piccolo no one from opponent’s side can hear what he is saying and he doesn’t even know that. So he telling Champa that he can’t go super even though he actually can doesn’t make any sense at all. So I personally believe Cabe lying or cheating or deceiving us all is not the case here.

This is probably the first time Cabe is turning into a super saiyan. For majority of the fight it looked like Vegeta was dominating. And there are some hints that Vegeta is playing with him instead of eliminating him. So I am thinking that when Vegeta found out that Cabe can’t go super he decided to motivate him or help him turn into one. As we already know Vegeta absolutely loves his Saiyan race, he always takes pride about it and all. Now he finally found a surviving Saiyan race and maybe he got disappointed knowing they are just some pussies. But he saw intense possibility in Cabe so instead of eliminating him he started punishing him and maybe insulting so that rage that desperation rises from within him to turn Super.

As we know Super Saiyan form can’t be achieved just by being strong it requires a motivation. Goku first turned into a Super Saiyan; when Frieza was killing all his friends. Vegeta literally dedicated his life to become a super saiyan after that event and achieved it. Trunks and Goten did become super saiyan easily but that was because Goku and Vegeta were already super saiyans and they were genetically superior.

So maybe the universe 6 Saiyans are strong enough to become a Super Saiyan but they never faced a situation so tough that it could forced that to transform. Cabe maybe got exposed to such a rough situation for the first time and was able to transform.

Another theory is that Cabe might have the ability to mimic a transformation. That is he never transformed into a Super Saiyan before. But as he saw Vegeta transform he figured out the trick behind it and surprising everyone he transform too.

If this is the case the fight will becomes way more crazy and epic!

We could witness one of the most WTF Dragon Ball moment ever. Because Vegeta also turns Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and if Cabe is able to copy than he could also turn God in a revolutionary Dragon Ball scene. And to be honest though I would absolutely love the moment I think it wouldn’t be a very wise idea. Gohan, Goten and Trunks would look meaningless in this case.

So, guys what do you think could happened? Do you agree or disagree with these theories?

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