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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was released last week. I must say for the hype of this movie I'm kinda disappointed in the direction the movie went. For one, this is my very own opinion that I'm entitled to have...HENRY CAVILL IS THE WORST SUPERMAN!!! I believe in order to capture the essence of characters; you really have to embody them. Henry Cavill doesn't do that with Superman at all, barely doesn't with Clark Kent. Now..Kudos to Ben Affleck who I feel completely rocked it as Batman. I feel this the Batman fans have been wanting for years. He's the batman that can actually fight. We have waited 20 plus years for a batman that can actually throw a proper kick. As a student of the game...Yes I went to film school...Do I feel my opinion is more important that others?..Absolutely not.

The main reason why I didn't like this movie..Isn't shot correctly. I feel like it was shot like a suspense/thriller with superheroes than a Superhero movie with suspense/thriller theme. Many People don't like the portrayal of Lex Luthor by Jesse Eisenberg. I loved it!!! It was like a mash up of young genius mixed with tele-evangelist pastor with dash of Mark Zuckerberg. I wasn't feeling the who Zod/Doomsday thing at all...Kinda sucked. The movie should of been more settle in the approach of letting us know Darkseid is coming, that dream sequence gave away too much. How can I forget...Shout to Ezra Miller for having a super brief speaking role. I wasn't a big fan about how they introduced the other Justice League characters. PLOT HOLE! PLOT HOLE! Why does Lex Luthor have the drop on them? Why does he have this info so early in the development of these characters? Kinda weird if you ask me.

Now the fight scene...The fight scene was so rushed, still very cool but super rushed. Kryptonite spear? C'mon son...Like for real? Nevertheless still a very dope scene but rushed. I feel DC copped out with the plot with whole " Our Mother's have the same name! Let's be friends". I've personally gotten into fist fights with people with same name as my mother and it took more than that for the fight to end..I'm talking like..the police had show up. The Lois Lane subplot was kinda weak too. I get it she's his lover, they're in love, fine. Cool. How is her character bigger than wonder woman throughout the entire movie? Gal Gadot, I can't lie she did her thing as Wonder Woman. So there you have it...

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