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For a change, instead of an article saying this at the end I am beginning by saying it. Now that it has been said the real pranking can begin.

I heard online that Darkseid can not defeat Batman according to canon. But in an alternative universe I found out Batman is Darkseid's descendant!

Speaking of universes, supposedly in "Avengers vs Justice League" Darkseid destroys the Phoenix Force. Only hero brave enough to stop him? The Tick?! Okay so maybe Earth has bad luck in heroes being created.

Stan Lee recently admitted he was paid by Fox to cameo in "Deadpool" in exchange for keeping quiet on his role as the negotiator between Marvel Fox Sony and Disney for DC to hire him to write their movie scripts.

Aquaman and Namor both came out the closet this week and admitted they are lovers. Black Manta is now suing for marriage counseling damages as to why he is not a Mutant unlike Namor and not an ocean God like Poseidon father of Aquaman.

Lex Luthor gave an interview after his hair was shaved. "Yeah in "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" I was a douchebag. But every single villain ever created is one. We just hate to admit it publicly. "

Apocalypse has admitted he plans next to take on Thanos to rule the Living. Mistress Death has told him no but rumors claim he will beat Thanos by hiring Deadpool and Lobo to blackmail Thanos into admitting he is the brother of Darkseid.

Captain Caveman is suing The Hulk for being supposedly the stupidest Avenger of all. Bedrock and Avengers Tower and The Defenders have issued no comment but Marvin the Martian supposedly will be blowing up Earth during the Universal Court appeal.

The Monstars and the Loony Tunes have come to a decade old agreement in the works to sue Disney for almost a century of cruelty to cartoons. Stan Lee and all comic creators are negotiating between them vs Mickey Mouse but the Tyrannical Emperor is threatening to wipe out all comics and cartoons forever. No word yet on if the truth is that Mickey is insane.

Star Wars and Star Trek are suing the Dune Universe. No word yet on who will win but The Enterprise is prophesied to defeat the Dark Side and restore Arrakis to House Harkonnen.


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