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Now that we've finally experience here are a few things I'd like to see in the future movies involving some of these characters and points from the comics.



We know that a Robin was there at some time. A lot of people are sure it's Jason Todd. (Don't click off of this yet I'm not making a case for him being the Joker). I'd like to see that there were more than one Robin and actually have Nightwing in the next Batman movie. Even if he's never going to be a Justice League member have him still be in the universe. Dick went undercover in the Grayson comic books, and I think it would be awesome to find out he was undercover for an organization and then after that was finished he rejoins Batman as Nightwing.

Tim Drake

People don't like Tim Drake much. I've read that the reason is because he doesn't stand out much. Tim isn't in the current DC Animated Universe, instead choosing to go straight to Damien and that disappoints me because I really like Tim. One minor plot of Dark Knight Returns was Batman's taking on a new Robin in the form of Carrie Kelley. Maybe we can bring in Tim Drake, a teenager who helps Batman after Batman wins his fight but is beaten pretty badly and is unable to get home on his own. Maybe by Bane or Killer Croc. I'd also like it if Tim Drake was an orphan and gets adopted by Bruce instead of having his dad and then eventually his dad dies and he gets adopted. Or, he could have been adopted a long time ago and Bruce put him in boarding school or something. I don't really care which I'd just like Tim to be the adopted son of Batman. I do think it may help to add some lightness to Batman also. I don't think he needs a comic relief as much as just someone to kind of douse some of the inner rage that seems to be building in Batman.


This may seem like an odd choice but Krypto may be exactly what we need to add some levity to Superman's story. Sure, Krypto may not make a whole lot of sense in Snyder's reality based DC universe but I still think it may be a good idea to have a fun character to introduce in Superman's solo movie. Maybe even have him as a plot point where Krypto has to find Superman, or if they chose to do a return of Superman "who is the real Superman" story have Krypto be the only one who can tell the right one. They've already killed the one character that seemed most likely to be a light for Superman. I'm not retracting my statement about the humorlessness of Batman v Superman being a pro to the story but that's for that particular movie. I don't think adding Krypto would be in humor I think it would be a little lighthearted fun with a magnificent flying dog.


Batman should be the Nick Fury of DC. He should be at the end of every movie telling people that he wants them to join his team of superheroes. That's a joke obviously but some recruiting would be nice. Also have everyone be on board immediately. The whole, no one wants to be a part of this team but then the big threat forces them all together is kind of old. Even if they join but it doesn't go well and they break up it would be fine.


It looks like they've been going towards an Injustice story line. Superman losing Lois. The Superman army. This of course was just a dream Batman was having but with the Flash talking about Lois being the key it could be the case. I wonder if they would be willing to go with Superboy-Prime as the main enemy also but the major audience for DC might not understand the multiverse theory just yet. I'd be completely okay if the whole injustice motif was just a dream though. We don't need multiple Batman v Superman fights in my opinion.

Other Storylines.

I've also heard some people wanting Jason Todd to return for an Under the Hood storyline. I'd be ok with that but I think the animated movie did the story justice. I'd be ok with that story if they changed it up some. Bring Tim Drake in and have him need a new robin to help him take down his old robin. I just hope they did kill Jason Todd and not Dick Grayson. Yes, I am very dedicated to getting Tim Drake in the DCEU. Maybe an Arkham series type Tim Drake. I haven't figure out what kind of story I'd like for Superman's solo film. A return of Superman would be the obvious choice but I think it'd be better if it was something completely different from what we've had. No Supermen story or a Superman clone. Although they probably could pull off the Superman clone thing well and have him bust Lex out of jail.

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