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One of the most iconic objects in the Star Wars universe is the Millennium Falcon. It's travelled across the galaxy, causing some sort of stir at every stop, whether that be in the form of a new hero, a new enemy, or just getting captured.

Over the course of four movies, we've stepped into the Falcon. Sometimes we'd be in the sitting area, sometimes in the floorboard, and sometimes just desperately climbing into it, hoping the Stormtroopers don't get to us first. Despite all those amazing scenes, it's hard to deny that the most magical location in the ship is the cockpit. It's where every daring escape was engineered. It's where we learned Han Solo never likes knowing the odds. And it's probably the best place to view the Falcon jumping into hyperdrive.

But even though we've spent so much time looking at Han and Co. in the cockpit, we've never been surrounded by it, have we? Well, the official Star Wars page on Facebook is looking to rectify that with this new 360-degree video. Take a look!

Assuming you don't have enough time to watch the video, let's do a quick breakdown of what was in it!

The "Windshield"

Me being an Earth-bound human(oid), I have no idea if that can even be called a windshield. But I'm sure some stoned-out-of-their-mind alien was sitting at their boring job wondering how to make their new car look cooler. Well, Mr. (or Mrs.) Alien, you've done it. Now our windshields just look like enlarged glasses lenses.

The Control Panel

I'm sure the same alien that came up with the unique windshield was tasked with coming up with a cool control panel. If they didn't, a certain scoundrel wouldn't have bought it, and we'd be forced to watch our favourite heroes give each other piggy back rides across the galaxy. Actually, bad example, because that sounds awesome. Either way, the controls look like a pretty fun Chuck-E-Cheese game. If that game could control a ship that can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, of course.

Luke's Seat in A New Hope

Poor Luke Skywalker, the amazingly gifted Force user who can't even call shotgun before a Wookie. His inability to call out a two syllable word in time relegates him to the backseat, which looks suspiciously like the chair Bucky was strapped too when becoming the Winter Soldier. Funny, considering both of them ended with a metal hand (or in Bucky's case, a metal arm).

And Obi Wan's Seat Too

Obi-Wan Kenobi's a pretty cool guy, so maybe I won't call him out for having to sit in the back. Either way, here's a shot of the old man's chair, fully equipped with a seat belt (but let's be real, it looks like it could be pulled apart). Maybe that's what you get when you win a ship in a game?

The Tunnel Back to the Rest of the Ship

It might be an empty doorway, but after the bend, all I can imagine is a group of Rebels laughing, playing holochess, and practicing using the Force. Or who knows, maybe Rey will pop her head out and fly the ship with Han (or Chewbacca, now that someone took a light thingy to the heart).

And Of Course, the Ceiling

No spaceship is complete without a ceiling (you know - because oxygen), so it's probably fitting that the Millennium Falcon's loaded with switches, tubes, and valves. Seeing our favourite protagonists die from a lack of oxygen would probably be pretty disappointing (but not as disappointing as a light thingy to the heart).


What do you think of the Millennium Falcon?


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