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Fans of the highly popular CBS show Supergirl were left shaken last week when CBS failed to announce Series 2 for the Girl Of Steel while announcing 11 other shows for renewal.

Theories have flooded the Internet, especially as on March 8 CBS CEO head Leslie Moonves claimed Supergirl, along with four other new shows, would all be picked up for a second series. Many fans consider this claim to be evidence of a renewal, but sadly a claimed plan is not a confirmation.

Even the cast are in limbo over the situation, but David Harewood, who plays Hank Henshaw on the show, has broken his silence to give fans hope. The actor made the following statement to Digital Spy:

"I've heard lots of rumblings - there are no guarantees."
Hank, Supergirl and Alex.
Hank, Supergirl and Alex.

Harewood is saying none of the primary cast have been given any guarantees for a renewal, which for many means contacting the agent to keep an ear out for future jobs:

"But CBS has made some very positive noises. All I know is that we've just had one of our biggest audiences of the year so far with the Flash crossover so it's all looking positive."

So if nothing else, the sudden increase of 1.5 million viewers from the recent Supergirl/Flash crossover episode has caused the ears over at CBS to prick up.

Supergirl and the Flash.
Supergirl and the Flash.

Harewood continues:

"The fans have been very vociferous and very vocal, so hopefully it's enough to get us a second season."

The final glimmer of hope is our voices themselves. By fans proclaiming loudly their disappointment in the show not being renewed, it is only fueling CBS to make a positive decision for the audience.


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