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BAZINGA! Jim Parsons To Star In New Fantasy Comedy ‘Man-Witch’

'The Big Bang Theory' actor, Jim Parsons, is set to appear in the all new fantasy comedy film ‘Man-Witch’. ‘Man-Witch’ has been in the talks for a while now. Well apparently since 2005. According to ‘Hollywood Reporter’, Jim Parsons is “in the talks” to be the main star of the film. Not only that, he will also co-produce the Warner Bros film as well.

‘Man-Witch’ follows the hilarious fall-out when a teacher goes and discovers that he suddenly has witch like powers. Whilst trying to get used to his all new witch powers, he is then guided by a coven of witches who will pack him off to a magical school. No Hogwarts by the way. Here he stands out as the “one adult man” in an educational centre, which is… aimed at young girls.

Jim Parsons of course is incredibly well known for playing the beloved Sheldon Cooper in ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Parsons is aiming to develop the project and work alongside the producer Neal Moritz who will be behind the camera. The film is to be directed by Todd Phillips and will star Zach Galifianakis and Jack Black.

So there’s quite a lot to look forwards to. The film release date is unknown.


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