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If you have a internet connection and a working pair of eyes, you've probably seen Zack Snyder's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". With it grossing over $500 MILLION in just under two weeks, there's no doubt that it's one of the biggest movies of this year.

Zack Snyder has received a lot of hate over his career. Whether it be because of the "Watchman" movie back in 2009 or because of the mixed bag that is "Man of Steel", many fans and critics alike have expressed their distaste for Snyder.

Because of that, lots of people will be extremely sad or extremely angry that Zack Snyder has been confirmed to direct a "Star Wars" spin-off movie that will be released in 2020.

Back in 2013, there was a rumor that Zack Snyder met up with Lucasfilms executives to discuss a "Seven Samurai" inspired "Star Wars" movie.

Even though the rumor was dismissed by Snyder's publicist, Snyder had dropped hints that he would sitting in the director's chair for a "Star Wars" film.

In 2014, Snyder tweeted out this photo of Gotham City police officers arresting a Stormtrooper:

Snyder then released a picture of Batman walking with R2-D2:

Snyder also released a photo of Henry Cavil as a Sith lord:

J.J. Abrams responded with a video of the Batmobile stuck under the Millennium Falcon:

So, what will the film be about?

Nothing about the plot has been confirmed just yet, however there have been rumors that the spin-off will be about a younger Yoda trying to prove himself as a elite Jedi.

It will be interesting what this would film be like. Knowing Snyder, it'll be shot beautifully but we might not know how the movie will turn out as a whole. Only time will tell if this project will live up to the other "Star Wars" films or if it'll just be another reason for people to hate Zack Snyder.


Are you excited for Zack Snyder's "Star Wars" spin-off?


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