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Quinton Wagers

Now I realize this post may be a bit late considering how long ago the trailer was released but with batman vs superman being released I think we need to think about this movie since it's only a few months away. Now it's been awhile since I saw the trailer so im not sure if they show the guys face but at the end of the 2nd suicide squad trailer we see the joker say in a horrific way "Im not going to kill you.... Im just gonna hurt you really really bad." and here is who I think he's possibly talking to.

Jason todd

Now while batman vs superman did emply that robin might have died and an interview with Zack Snyder saying how and when robin died I think that suicide squad might take place before those event's and might tell us how he died I dont really believe that jason is dead what I think it is is dick grayson's suit and the joker was teasing batman. Another thing I think will happen is during the events of suicide squad we might see the joker kill jason and then maybe use a red hood story line for ben afflecks solo batman film or any other future batman films.

What do you think though? Do you think jason todd is already dead?


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