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The darkest times are upon us in an otherwise fun, event-filled, and growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. To celebrate the coming release of Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War," where two ideals will come to a head, let's reflect on the "marvellous" films that this studio has put together. I will be going in order from 2008 - 2015, ending with thoughts and predictions for "Captain America: Civil War." These will be minor reviews and more of a re-evaluation of my thoughts on these films, how they hold up now, and how well they connect/impact the films that came after. Here we go.


Part 4: Thor (2011)

Here is where things got interesting. Who would have thought that after a man in an armoured suit and an angry man who turns green would ever build up to a God living among us. Is this the best they could have ever done for a first "Thor" film that is setting out to help connect this universe? I would answer yes to that, solely based on the fact that you have to have some fun moments to be able to appeal to everyone and not just hardcore fans of the comics. Like I have said many times before, what Marvel does so well is that they bring a sense of fun to every one of their films, even if the character they are dealing with has a darker tone to them. There are so many ways this film could have failed, which is why the final product is more of a breath of fresh air than anything.

In order to expand, this was the first film where they realized they had to take chances, and while this may be one of the lesser known heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is not just a man with money or special powers living on earth, but a God who has world's of story outside of Earth, that can be explored. I really enjoy that about his character and what he has to offer. The single greatest thing that this film brings to the table is Thor's brother Loki. Although he is not the central villain here, it is clear that his motives are much more negative than that of Thor's. Thor's villain that he faces on Earth is yet another throwaway villain just to have an action scene, which did not bother me as much this time around, since there was more to the story to follow that.

"Thor" is the least and most interesting character all at the same time. Being from another world seems to make him the most interesting character of them all, but working with a team in "The Avengers," he doesn't match up and everyone else seems to have more development than him. Chris Hemsworth plays him very believably though which is a weird contrast. To me, he is one of the weakest characters, but played by one of the best actors. They do everything they can to keep this film fun, but it begins to work against it when the side characters and S.H.I.E.L.D characters come into play.

This film, almost like "Iron Man 2," has a little too much going on when these characters are around, and they kind of become a little more annoying than usual, actually taking away from the main story at hand. This is the film that I have the least thoughts on, because it really is just about a God with family issues who is banished to Earth, finds a love interest, saves the town, and it eventually recruited for the Avengers Initiative. Aside from setting his character up as part of the eventual team and having witty dialogue throughout, this film is kind of just an enjoyable mess. They do this character justice and it is definitely a unique film in the way that it is able to cut back from his world of Asgard back to Earth and have it happen naturally. This film could have been much stranger than it was, but it has a lot of great elements hidden inside.

To wrap this up, Loki (played amazingly well by Tom Hiddleston) is easily the best part about this film and the chemistry between him and Chris Hemsworth is worth watching alone. The direction is very well-crafted, the writing is sloppy at times, but it is definitely saved by a very enjoyable tone, and the set ups in this film are more than enough to make fanboys excited for the following year when "The Avengers" finally hits theatres. In the end, this is an enjoyable watch that you don't have to think too hard about. Would I recommend this film? To Marvel fans yes, but average moviegoers may be slightly bored by this world. "Thor" is an enjoyable time.


Review By: KJ Proulx


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