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Since [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)'s release there have been many Easter Eggs and references discovered within the film, but this is one that I have yet to see many people talk about.

It is a quote that Alfred says to Bruce where he mocks him about the next generation of Wayne's having an empty wine cellar, to which he responds "if there is a next generation." Of course "next generation" he is of course referring to Bruce's children. This may be me simply grasping at straws, but I don't think that little line was put there just to show off this Alfred's snarky attitude.

I think the line "If there is a next generation" is Zack Snyder's way of foreshadowing that we will be seeing the next generation of Wayne's in the DCEU, and meaning Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne as Robin
Damian Wayne as Robin

While the quote about the next generation of Wayne's having a wine cellar is a line straight out of The Dark Knight Returns - which the movie is loosely based on - I am pretty sure the quip of "if there is a next generation" was not included in that. Even if it was, why of all of the quotes from that comic book would Snyder include that one? What is the point, it has no significance to either the plot of the book or movie?

Right now DC has been trying hard to push Damian Wayne to the forefront of popularity currently in comics and animated movies, so we know full well that there is in fact a next generation of Wayne's in the mainstream DC lore. So I think the possibility of Snyder hiding a subtle little reference like that in a movie that is made almost specifically for DC fans is huge.

This Bruce Wayne is much older and been through most of his comic book lore, so it is very possible that by now he has met Talia al Ghul, who either has or will bare his child. While there was no indication that Talia had entered his life, it is hard for me to believe that at this point they have not crossed paths.

It is obvious that this Batman has been through a majority of the lore with the appearance of the presumed Jason Todd Robin suit, that had the Joker's handy work on it after we assume he killed Todd.

What about Tim Drake?

Tim Drake as Red Robin
Tim Drake as Red Robin

One thing that may lead fans to thinking the introduction of Damian Wayne is far off is the lack of evidence that Tim Drake has even made his way to the Robin mantle yet. What if Zack Snyder has no plans to introduce Tim Drake?

Think about it, why would a realistic Batman who is grief stricken about the death of his former ward actually take on another one? It makes sense when you think about it. This Batman is so emotionally damaged and unwilling to allow anyone close to him, why would he bring another young Robin under his wing after he knows the risk? Maybe Tim Drake just is not in the cards for this version of Batman.

So why would Damian Wayne be introduced?

Damian Wayne in 'Son of Batman'
Damian Wayne in 'Son of Batman'

While this Batman may never wish to take on another young ward, would he really have a choice if it was his son? He cannot turn against his own child, and when that child is already a trained killer, then maybe he will be a little more open minded to bringing on another Robin.

As I said above, DC has been using Damian Wayne more and more in their comics and animations. It is the same reason we are seeing Cyborg used much more often, because DC wants him to become popular. I think DC will want to include Damian in the DCEU.

It would also be a cool twist on any Batman movie we have ever seen before. We saw him with a Robin in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, but those stories did not do any justice to either character. I would love to see Batman, especially this emotionally distressed and damaged Batman deal with having a son.

What do you guys think? Am I just overthinking this or could Damian Wayne be on his way to the DCEU? Tell me what you think in the comments and thank you for reading!


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