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As far as April Fool's Day jokes go, not too many of them are very good. We get bombarded with fake news stories, pranks (both good and bad) are pulled, some times people get in trouble, but yet sometimes, in the sea of corny, horrible April Fool's jokes, there is a glimmer of true genius. That happened today, April 1st 2016, in what will go down in history as "the day John Stamos took over Netflix." If you've been aching for a good laugh all day, head over to Netflix and check out all the hilarious John Stamos themed categories for yourself. I've gone through my personal Netflix account and took some screen shots to showcase some of the best (and most ridiculous) categories that got the Uncle Jessie touch.

New Releases Which Suffer a Distinct Lack of Stamos

If you got a little too much John Stamos in your life (like that'll ever happen) check out the category devoted to new movies without Stamos. If you would rather watch a family-friendly movie you could watch with Stamos and his nephew, see what movies Uncle Jessie would be watching with Jackson, Tommy, and Max (that's a Fuller House reference by the way).

Independent Films Starring Actors Less Rich & Famous Than John Stamos

If you're not in the mood for new movies without John Stamos, maybe you should look into indie films with actors who you probably have no idea who they are (unless of course you're a hippie who knows everyone before they were mainstream). Another fun category will help you find the next documentary to watch, ranging from a film about the drug cartel to Batkid Begins.

Now you know what I watch in my free time (all the time)

If you ever wondered what your favorite Moviepilot Creator (me) watched in his free time now you know; a hodgepodge of comedies, crime series, Daredevil (who doesn't watch that???), and cooking shows. Good to know that John Stamos approves of my binge watching habits.

Some other fun categories that have showed up for users include “Trending Now Like John Stamos,” “Comedies John Stamos Thinks are Funny,” and “TV Dramas That Make John Stamos Feel Things He Hasn’t Felt In a Long Time.”

Why Did John Stamos Take Over Netflix?

What? John Stamos isn't cool enough to just have Netflix change everything for him? He is responsible for the hit new show Fuller House. In all reality, its a marketing move by Netflix to promote John Stamos: A Human, Being a brand new Netflix original Documentary. Check out the trailer they tweeted out!

It seems like the move was a huge success as John Stamos started trending on Twitter early Friday morning.

Unfortunately, there isn't actually a documentary on the way (though I'm sure it would actually do incredibly well).

John Stamos, however, was not happy with the PR stunt and headed over to Netflix studios to put an end to the jokes.

*Please be forewarned there is strong language in the following video

Netflix then issued the following apology:

Stamos wasn't actually mad at Netflix, as he was in on the joke the whole time. The above video is just another layer to the complicated (and hilarious) joke.

Unfortunately, we won't actually be getting a Stamos-centric documentary, but we will be getting a second season to Fuller House (that's no joke)!

What is your favorite John Stamos Netflix category? Let us know in the comments below!

Fuller House is available for streaming on Netflix now!

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