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and Shondaland fans prepare yourselves. The Queen of Thursday nights might have a crossover in the works! MoviePilot has found an Easter egg in this weeks "Scandal" and "The Catch".

Let me present you with 2 valuable clues followed by the Easter egg that will prove those questioning the probability.

1. Shondaland LOVES a good crossover. In total, "Grey's Anatomy" and now cancelled "Private Practice" have crossed over a total of 8 times:

  • May 2007: In a two-part event, Addison Montgomery leaves Seattle Grace to visit her friends in LA which ends up being the entire cast of "Private Practice".
  • May 2007: In "Private Practice", the Chief Richard Webber from Grey's makes an appearance.
  • May 2008: In "Grey's Anatomy", Addison Montgomery reappears at Seattle Grace for a patient consultation.
  • February 2009: several characters from both shows crossover for a 5 part series.
  • October 2009: Miranda Bailey visits Addison in a "Private Practice" Episode.
  • January 2010, Addison Montgomery and McSteamy Mark Sloan visit each other in a two part series.
  • October 2010, Amelia Shepherd, Sister to McDreamy Derek Shepherd, visits "Grey's Anatomy".
  • February 2012, Amelia Shepherd, Derek Shepherd and Lexie Grey share a two episode crossover arch.

2. "Scandal" & "The Catch" are literally the only two shows that could crossover due to the actors. Shonda has a tendency to reuse the same people in all her shows.

Bellamy Young is currently Mellie Grant on "Scandal" but has also played parts in "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice".

  • Jerrika Hinton currently plays Stephanie Edwards on "Grey's Anatomy" but has also appeared on "Scandal".
  • Jeff Perry and Kate Burton who play Cyrus Beene and Sally Langston on "Scandal" also appeared as the parents of Meredith Grey on "Grey's Anatomy".
  • "How to Get Away With Murder" cast member Tom Verica who played Sam Keating had a role on "Grey's Anatomy".
  • Lastly, Liza Weil who is currently Bonnie Winterbottom on HTGAWM has appeared in "Scandal", "Grey's Anatomy", and "Private Practice".

3. The Easter egg that proves "Scandal" and "The Catch" live in the same Universe.

Mike Waters may not be a character name you know well. But, fans will have no trouble remember his face from numerous BNC news updates on "Scandal"

Mike Waters in a BNC Special Report on "Scandal".
Mike Waters in a BNC Special Report on "Scandal".

To our surprise, Mike Waters appears on a BNC news update in the second episode of "The Catch"! Proving, despite the shows taking place in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. they do indeed live in the same universe and therefore SHONDA MIGHT DO IT AGAIN AND BLOW US AWAY WITH A CROSSOVER!

Mike Waters in a news break on "The Catch".
Mike Waters in a news break on "The Catch".


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