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The Scott Pilgrim series created by Bryan Lee O'Malley is unlike any comic book I've ever read. It's incredibly humorous, surprisingly gripping, and it appeals to two different types of young adult readers. I've read just about the first half of the entire series on, and I want to give my honest thoughts.

Scott Pilgrim is flat out hilarious. It's probably the funniest comic series I've ever read up to date. The plot is hysterical. A twenty-three year old Canadian boy, Scott Pilgrim, has to defeat all seven evil ex-boyfriends (including one ex girlfriend) of Ramona Flowers if they are to be a couple. Fear not! For Scott is not alone. He is backed up by his friends, who play punk rock music in a band titled, Sex Bob-bomb. Scott also is constantly being guided by the wisdom of his homosexual roommate, Wallace. Each member of Ramona's past relationships have their own type of power. For example, one has psychic powers due to being a hardcore vegan. (Think of it as a vegan-powered Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z.) Also, Sex Bob-bomb desperately tries to become the best garage door rock band in Toronto, Canada. All of the other bands possess supernatural powers, which gives Sex Bob-bomb an unfair fight. I promise you that Scott Pilgrim will make you laugh your head off!

For a comedic comic book, the Scott Pilgrim series is surprisingly emotionally gripping! It's full of action and emotion. Scott fights for the love of Ramona. Sex Bob-bomb suffers for it. Former and current lovers quarrel with each other. Characters have affairs. You know, basic teenage and young adult drama. The kind of drama that takes place in High School or College, but actually entertaining. You'll root for Scott to win Ramona's hand. Even though as a character, Scott is kind of a tool. He's a coward who is struggling to become a man. You will enjoy learning the mysterious past of Ramona Flowers. And you'll love the action packed musical battles of Sex Bob-bomb. This is truly a well thought out and emotionally gripping story.

Scott Pilgrim is enjoyable for two types of young adults. It appeals to video game enthusiasts. That's because a lot of the jokes are influenced by video games. Whenever Scott defeats an ex-lover of Romana, tokens are scattered onto the floor. The fights are heavily inspired by games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Guitar Hero. Scott even gains an extra life at one point. A save point is referenced. Also, the band name, Sex Bob-bomb, is clearly referring to an enemy character in Super Mario Bros. 3. Music enthusiasts will love Scott Pilgrim as well. Musicians will feel empathy for Sex Bob-bomb for wanting to gain a record deal as a band. One point, the writer shows how to play one of their songs while the story takes place. And bass players will love Scott because he plays bass.

Overall, I have vastly been enjoying reading the Scott Pilgrim series created by Brian Lee O'Malley. It's laugh-out-loud funny, emotionally gripping, while appealing to gamers and music lovers. I highly recommend picking up or downloading this series. Also, I highly recommend watching the movie it inspired, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. You'll love watching the movie as much as you enjoyed reading this highly original comic book. I can't wait to finish the rest of the series, so I give this an A-.


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