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Everyone's favorite social media superhero, Stephen Amell, dropped a particularly interesting little tidbit this week... he's writing a book!

The full post doesn't give us many details, but we do know that he is writing non-fiction, about pretty much everything in his life, and that he will be writing it himself - ghostwriter free zone. You can read the full post below:

Hey Facebook!!

Exciting news... A publishing house has approached me about writing a book. We're ironing out the details at the moment, but that hasn't stopped me from mentioning it and you from asking questions because I have a problem with premature verbal pronunciation. So, allow me to elaborate. Sort of.
What's the book about? Sure.
Non-fiction? I never lie, sometimes to my detriment, so ya.
When it's coming out? Figuring out when I'm writing it first.
Will you use a ghost-writer. No. I will right every word.
Did you just intentionally use right instead of write? Yes.
Nonetheless, will an editor be absolutely vital. (Nods.)
What are some subjects that you'd like to touch upon?
Well... Fatherhood, the acting industry, moving from Toronto to LA, parents whose kids are assholes, kids whose parents are assholes, my suspicions about real estate agents, dietary fads, Air Canada, the unrelenting brilliance of Survivor and the inside story surrounding Donald Trump's rise to political prominence.
Hoping to get started over hiatus. Further hoping that the momentum of the book will rival the momentum established when I become obsessed with any iPhone game that has the word "Clash" in the title.
As always, YOU will have a huge part in the creation of this property. Most people start with a concept and work backwards towards a title. I always do the opposite.
So what should the title be? Easy on the Arrow puns. Like seriously... I'll consider blocking you.
Here we go. Untitled Literary Project. LAUNCH!

Many of the comments touched on what fans thought the title should be, with the vast majority wanting 'Sinceriously' (the word Amell created for one of his charity campaigns) somewhere in there.

With such a diverse range of topics, it feels like this will be a celebration of everything that Stephen Amell is, delivered with his signature blend of honesty and humor. It may be light on the Arrow puns (and even tales from the Arrow set), but he has plenty more to talk about.

Fatherhood, marriage, moving, acting... not to mention his multiple charity campaigns, being a sports fan, and getting to fulfill a long-time dream of getting into the wrestling ring.

Even he might not know exactly what he'll be writing about, but we are sure to find out as soon as he does - probably on Facebook!


Will you be reading Stephen Amell's book?


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