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WARNING!: Here I will give some spoilers of the movie so if you haven't seen it yet or you don't care about getting spoiled keep reading.

I know that a lot of people is angry with the movie just because it wasn't good as they think so I decided to give my opinion of the worst parts of the movie, the epic moments and the moments that leave you like really nigga?

  • The Boring Parts Of The Movie

Basically more of the half of the movie is boring. Do you want to know why?

Because there are a lot of "short stories" of each super hero and you can understand to some of them but in some parts you are like: What's happening here? What am i watching? Is that Spiderman? Some of the better parts of those "short stories" are when: Batman use the batmovil for trying to steal the kryptonite. When Lex Luthor attacked the capitol and when batman finally enter to lexcorp and he killed everyone and he stole the kryptonite

Here Comes The Better Parts Of The Movie

#1 The Epic Super Fast Fight

That fight between Batman and Superman at the end of the movie it's just simply awesome but not all the fight par of it is awesome

#2 The Wonder Woman's Debout

I am telling you the truth when i say that wonder woman steal the show when she start fighting she is like " Doomsday be afraid because i'll kill you monster from another world" literally she is the only one fighting on a part of that fight and she is the onde that gives more fight.

#3 Batman

When batman saves martha and fight with the batmobile is like o my good is that a person fighting?! Because he fight so cool but i don't like him to kill but if you ignore that he is a good batman.

#4 The Superman's Sacrifice And His Funeral

I liked a lot the superman's sacrifice because he did it to save lois and he proved that he always wanted the humanity to be safe and his funerals were good one were like something big for saying thanks and the other one were private for the family friends and it were something common.

#5 The Beginning Of The Justice League

  • The videos of Cyborg, The Flash and aquaman were interesting and i want to see them fight together because wonder woman, superman and batman together are amazing and if you add the meta humans i think that they will look amazing

The For Real? Moments

  • When they said "SPMN -My mother's name is marta BTMN - Really?! Mine too let's become BFF".
  • After Batman shoots to Superman the kryptonite and he started punching Superman and he were already dying.


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