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So to everyone who reads this, i am a huge fan of Zack Snyder and i adore what he did with Man of Steel. I also have immense respect and admiration for Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy. On top of that (i know, youve probably already clicked away), i also LOVE the 2003 Mark Steven Johnson film Daredevil. (Cheesy i know, but God isnt DD great? P.S. GO WATCH THE NETFLIX SHOW) That all being said, i also was not excited about the announcement of The Batfleck. I have never been so wrong about a film prediction in my life!

Not quite sure who wrote the review of BVS, but i read an article in the form of a review recently on moviepilot and one thing that peaked my curiosity was the mention of Ben Affleck's confidence. While reading the article, i assumed this was just the rush of a fan and the over the top cgi talking. After having seen the latest Snyder-tastic masterpiece, i now know the lengths Affleck is willing to go for this particular role.

Not a ton of folks know, but before filming began, Big Ben had to workout 2 hours a day to build muscle for the rold of our beloved Caped Crusader. On top of that dedication, director Zack Snyder had to have some of the muscle padding removed from Batfleck's suit because of the amount of muscle Affleck had put on.

So there you go as far as Affleck's dedication. Now onto the film as a whole.

While i will admit, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder arent the greatest at penning dialogue between their characters, they visually grab your face and force you to delve into their world. Snyder has done this since 300, anywhere from slow-motion Spartan brawls, to detailed pans over vast landscapes.

The way this production team ties the mass destruction and chaos from Man of Steel into this sequel is stupendous. Another thing this film does well is DEVELOP. The development and growth these characters undergo are absolutely jaw-dropping. Superman, the Man of Steel, the Last Son of Krypton is juxtaposed by the ever-somber Batman, the Dark Knight, the Bat of Gotham.

As Apollo Creed would say:

"Sounds like a damn monster movie."

I digress. This amazing comparison allows for rich, palpable story and adventure. This film especially, is not a direct squel to Man of Steel, as in 'Man of Steel 2', as much as it is simply a continuation of the story of this universe.

The entrance from Wonder Woman is phenomenal and i cant over hype it. Its great, any fan will be excited and even more so to hear she has a solo film coming out in 2017!

Henry Cavill is even better thsn he was in Man of Steel, furthering our view of him as our Big Blue and drawing him closer to us as an audience and a fanbase. (i do have my man crushes).

Last but certainly not least, the film is what is expected, its a brawl between two of the most beloved characters of the past century, and its certainly not a brawl to miss.

Im no educated film critic, but as a fan, id hive this an easy 8.5/10.

Tops Man of Steel and the Dark Knight Trilogy. GO SEE IT!!!

L. E. Gaudi


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