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Superhero Fan and Batman Is my favorite character I like both Dc and Marvel But I prefer DC more
Hammad Hasan Syed

So recently Zack Snyder's most hyped superhero movie Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice hit theaters and becomes the most controversial movie in the history of comic book movies, BvS Literally divided the Fans and Critics and breaks the internet by becoming most talked about movie of the year.


In Dawn of Justice, Batman and Superman shares a sentimental scene where the Cape Cruder was about to kill Superman and his last word was "Save Martha" (His Mother) That makes Batman curious that why did he say that name (Because his mother's name was also Martha) at that moment Lois arrives and tells him that its his mother's name and then Batman decided not to kill Superman. This scene has even divide the fans some of them are saying that this was most iconic scene in a comic book movie and some says it was just mediocre.

Well here's my Explanation why "Save Martha" scene was not mediocre.

Well Batman has never think of Superman as a man, his perception of Superman was an alien who is dangerous to mankind and he should be destroyed but after their battle when Batman was about to stab him in the throat and Superman ask him to protect his mother this was the point where for the first time Batman realizes that he's just a normal guy with super powers who is trying to do the good things. Most of the people took this scene the wrong way it wasn't just about the same name, Martha was the light Bruce was searching for after robin's death its been almost 10 years he has been trapped inside the darkness and Martha reminds him that why he had started his crusade, why he had put on the Cape and Cowl and what he has become or what this cruel world made him in all these years. Before watching the film even I had never noticed that Bruce and Clark's mother have the same name. In my opinion this was a very emotional and excellent way to end feud between Man of steel and the Dark knight.


I agree that Batman V Superman has a lot of flaws and poor pace and characterization but despite that Zack Snyder manages to execute some good moments and loud action that fans like me will be enjoy every time they watch the film.

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