ByArchie R Spires, writer at
Archie R Spires

Warner Bros., after the success of Transformers and TMNT, is wooing acclaimed director/producer Michael Bay to direct 2017's The Justice League: Part One.

"His experience with large scale movies with iconic characters is the best," an inside source, who declined to be named, shared. "And everyone agrees most of BvS was too damned cerebral. No one wants serious dialogue or character development: Live-action cartoons are the way to go."

While some have pointed out the character inconsistencies and plot holes between series that left prequels, sequels, and the movies in general feeling as if you could easily miss half of the movie and still be up-to-date, others' have insisted that the DC movies needed more explosions, more mindless dialogue, and more unremarkable catchphrases.


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