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Love it or hate it, Suicide Squad has come and gone. Jared Leto's performance was definitely something to write home about:

Now, with a solo Batman movie heading our way, and Suicide Squad 2 being officially offical, what say we dive into the clown prince of crime's comic book past to see what kind of crazy crap the Joker has pulled!

1. Joker Kills Robin With A Friggin' Crowbar

This is, of course, number one. It's some brutal stuff! But not quite as brutal as what happens to Joker in the next strip, even though we don't see it happen...

2. Batman Kills Joker After A Quick Laugh

This happens-

And then this-

I guess we all go a little crazy sometimes, right? Even the Batman.

3. Joker & The Killing Joke

This is another one of the most brutal things to ever grace a comic book, and go figure; it involved the Joker!

4. The Joker Dies

Now, I know that he's died quite a few times, only to be resurrected by whatever or however the writers wanted. But that's not the way it was early in his comics history. The first time he appeared, Batman stabbed him in the chest and killed him, only for Joker to come right back in the next episode. This happened more than once, where Joker was killed, only to come back solely to cause more trouble with Batman, but with no reason as to how he came back.

5. Joker Cuts His Own Face Off

And he wears it as a mask after he pins it to a wall!

What better way to end this list by telling you all about the time Joker went all Buffalo Bill on himself. Those pictures say it all! Except for why he did it. But, he gets to screw with Robin once more-

No no no no no...

Try unseeing THAT anytime soon!

What WTF moment in Joker's comic book history was your favorite? Let me know!

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