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When you have powers that suck your boyfriend's life force from him, allow you to pass through walls that were meant to keep you from seeing some things, and read people's minds and find out things you never wanted to know about them, weird things are bound to happen. Weird happenings, weird mutants, just complete and utter weirdness. Some of them end up being cool, and, well, some end up being like this...

An X-Men named Maggott

Here you have a school full of kids running around, with so many cool stinking powers. Controlling electricity, metal, the weather, even each other. But what mutant power are you given? Your digestive system isn't a sytem at all, per say, it's two freaking huge maggotts that come out of a hole in your stomach, and could eat anything. Then, they go back in your body and give you the nutrients. Plus, you misspell your own damn name! But, honestly, is that any worse than this guy?


That's right, say it. Ice cream. This guy could melt into any flavor of ice cream (even banana split!) and ooze into places.

Kitty Pryde's racist rant against racism

You read that right. An African American fellow once called Kitty a mutie (derogatory term for mutant...but still kinda cute sounding), so she called him the n-word!

You go girl!


No, not those two guys...these two:

In the film, Juggernaut was fun as hell, getting stuck in floors and getting too close to a mutant-curing mutant and knocking himself out cold. But in the comics, he and Charles Xavier were step-brothers! Juggernaut, or Cain Marko, bullied Charles (big surprise there) and wasn't a mutant; he got his powers from a crystal.

Charles and his twin-ish sister

This is a little strange, but that's why we have this list! Long story short, Cassandra Nova wasn't really conceived at the same time as Charles, but put herself in his womb. In that womb, a growing Charles sensed her monster-ness, and killed her in the womb. Or so he thought. One big glob of DNA on a sewer wall and a few years later, she came back and was a bad, bad lady.

Let's end this list with another weird x-mutant

Marrow! Does she fight to donate another day? Save a cancer patient? Nope, she grows bones continuously, and when they're long enough, breaks them off and uses them as weapons. Pre-adamantium Wolverine would have LOVED her!

Did I miss any weird, wacky and WTF moments from the X-Men comics? Sound off in the comments!


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