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In spite of being an underwhelming experience for many fans and the poor critical reception, [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) still had its merits and Gal Gadot's marvelous performance was definitely one of them.

Yet, when she was cast as Wonder Woman, and even before the film was released, many fans and critics alike expressed negativity towards her, claiming that she wasn't the right fit to portray the character. As a result, here are three ways in which Gal Gadot slayed her critics with her performance in Batman v Superman, and thank you for reading:

1. Physical Appearance!

When the announcement that Gal Gadot had been cast as Wonder Woman was made (December 4, 2013), fans and critics alike expressed their concern that she didn't have right the physical presence in order to portray Diana Prince. Some fans even went too, far claiming that the actress should not play Wonder Woman because she was "too skinny."

However, what her critics didn't realize was that Gadot had served in the Israeli Defense Forces and did all her own stunts in the Fast & Furious films that she starred in. Consequently, after nine months of rigorous training, including swordsmanship, kung fu, kickboxing, capoeira and Brazilian jiu jitsu, the Israeli actress was able to put on around 17 Ibs. of muscle, thus obtaining the physique of a true Amazonian warrior.

Here is how Gadot responded to those critiquing her appearance in an interview with

“You know, men. Every one of them is obsessed with breasts." She added that the critiques “amused” her. “It was funny for me that it’s such an amazing character and all they have to critique is her bust. Me, as a person, I try not to pay too much attention to all the noise that comes when I get cast for something. Even if it’s good or even if it’s bad – because one day it’s good and the other day it’s bad, so I’d rather not pay attention to either.”

2. Her Acting Skills!

Another major criticism aimed at Gadot was that from her limited filmography (at the time), it was uncertain whether she had the necessary acting chops to portray Wonder Woman.

Despite not having too much screen time, Gadot was able to masterfully portray multiple facets of Prince's personality, showing both how strong she is, but also how protective and altruistic she can be. Overall, in Dawn Of Justice Wonder Woman was mysterious, sexy, menacing and extremely badass (which brings us to my last point).

An actress without talent cannot pull off such an amazing performance, can she?!

3. Being A Total Badass!

Undoubtedly, Batman v Superman is a very flawed film and it was condemned by critics for its (among other things) incoherent narrative and plot, "not being entertaining," the over-simplistic dialogue, the unfitting soundtrack, and Jesse Eisenberg and Henry Cavill's performances.

Nevertheless, the scenes that featured Gal Gadot were some of the coolest and most enjoyable to watch in the whole movie. She perfectly managed to capture Wonder Woman's strength, independence and charm in every scene that she was in.

Therefore, with her performance, Gadot made sure that the first appearance of the character in a theatrical release was a massive success by exceeding the expectations.

So, there you have it! What's your opinion on 'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice' and Gal Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman?


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