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Many have raved over the eclipsing [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). It has broken records, aplenty and even made $500 million in just five days. A half of a billion dollars. That's a record breaking thing for a superhero movie, critics seem to not understand. Now, on to the treat Warner Brothers have given us a few days later. The Deleted Scene titled 'Communion'. It has us placed with Lex Luthor again, in the concealed scouts ship, left in there from Man of Steel two years ago. His explorations lead us to finding him stand amongst a large creature. Some have said it was Darkseid's uncle, Steppenwolf. Who is seen here.


Here's the creature in the trailer.

Though it seems to relate in appearance to Steppenwolf, it still leans more closely to being Yuga Khan. Who looks like this.


And here's why it is best that it's Yuga Khan.

We know the scouts ships are able to show in details, anything the controllers asks for. Man of Steel displayed their capabilities throughout it. Which is what's shown again in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It shows us what seems to be Yuga Khan, who has many abilities. Yet, his most dangerous ability was that he could drain the life force of individuals or planets, adding their essences to his own formidable power. Which is the easter egg of him beneath planets, shown here.

Yuga Khan is even more powerful than Darkseid. Which aids in the reason for him harvesting three Mother Box's. Seen levitating in front of him here.

And here.

Darkseid is a god, yes. But his fathers' godliness reigns in its own league. Mother box's are powerful, sentient, miniaturized, portable supercomputers. Darkseid will have one, but three?

Having this placed in the movie would have confused many. So it was nice to have Snyder and his team place it in the Ultimate Cut. If you haven't seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last week, then I suggest you go see it in its second weekend in theaters. It's a different take on heroes. To me and millions, it's one of the most thought provoke, highly sensational superhero movies ever made. Near in class to the Nolan trilogy. And the spectacular Watchmen.

Go see for yourself.

Bonus : 'Communion' trailer. Around 00:04-00:05 it sounds like there's something saying "Lex Luthor."




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