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*This post contains spoilers of Batman v Superman. *

Batman has been one of the most beloved superheroes for 76 years and he isn’t going anywhere. Though critics have flopped on Batman v Superman the fans have eaten it up. The main problem with the movie is it's trying to do way too much in one movie. This movie is like the little teaser comic you get the sets up the whole new reboot for heroes. Its confusing and leaves you wondering how much have they changed. The one thing everyone seemed to agree on though was that Ben Affleck nailed it as Batman. And thus Batman will be getting a standalone movie.

It has been said that Ben Affleck himself has written a script and I really hope it's going to delve into a story that will set up some interesting things in the future for the franchise. So what story could the next Batman standalone film be about? Well. if all the signs about the Joker are true, it looks like we are getting a Red Hood story. Look at the suit of Robin in the Bat Cave. It has "hahaha" written on it and we all know about the Joker killing Robin. This is foreshadowing what is to come and it is going to be Red Hood,

The next Batman is going to be another story of breaking the Bat. Superman in essence was defeated in Batman v Superman. This next movie is going to breakdown Bruce and make him pay for allowing Robin to die. At least that is how Red Hood sees it. The whole theme will be about the aging Batman starting to fade. I think they will do two Batman standalone plus the Justice League movies. The first movie will be about breaking the Bat and the second movie will show him passing the torch. Literally the beginning of Batman Beyond where we see an old Batman trying to take on the city.

Batman Beyond is such a cool take on Batman and can still allow for cameos from Ben Affleck in the future. Now this would come much later in the franchise assuming that the other movies do well. But it could set up a future Justice League too. And I think it would be really cool to continue their universe like that. We all know that Marvel's reboot eventually will come. So its fun to speculate on what will come after the Justice League movies.


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