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Let's get this straight. there are action, thrills and popular James Bond choice Idris Elba in the mix? Sign me up! Bastille Day looks to be an action packed romp that tackles betrayal, terrorists, and octane.

While the official synopsis is, "a young artist and former CIA agent embark on an anti-terrorist mission in France," it doesn't quite do the film justice.

Judging by what we've seen, Bastille Day looks to be a turn to the classic action films of yesteryear in a time where aliens and other computer generated baddies are taking center stage. Check out this trailer.

It seems as if stars Elba and Richard Madden are on a roll already this year. Elba's picture Beasts Of No Nation received critical acclaimed when it was released on streaming giant Netflix this year. While Robb Stark himself, Madden, is coming from a recent arc on Klondike.

Bastille Day open in theaters April 22nd in the United Kingdom and (FUN FACT!) just in time for the real Bastille Day this July 13th in France. American audiences don't get a theatrical release, unfortunately but will probably get a chance to see Bastille Day on select streaming devices and home video.

Will you check out 'Bastille Day'?


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