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With Mortal Kombat XL released in March along with Kombat Pack 2 many people were disappointed in certain characters not making an appearance in the game. There are many fighters mentioned, but didn't make it into Mortal Kombat X. This list will include characters that will mostly have main roster positions due to story involvement or popular demand. This list will not include characters like Raiden, Sub-Zero or Scorpion because we all know they will be in the game. This list will also exclude characters like Havik and Kintaro who have died in the MKX comics or have been confirmed dead by Ed Boon or Netherrealm Studios. The list isn't in a specific order either.


Not too many people are exactly fans of this character. Chameleon started off as a ninja much like Reptile or Scorpion, but he is invisible and his outfit changed colors bench the name. When Mortal Kombat Armageddon came long, Chameleon got a make-over and was made female although you could still play as the male version. The character has been mentioned a few time in MKX and it's made a few people including myself believe the character will be reused.

Shang Tsung

Now I know what people are going to stay. Shang Tsung was killed in MK9 by Shao Kahn. While that may be true. It is hinted at in MKX that may not be the case. A lot of people in the MK Universe still feel Shabg Tsung is still out there and in fact may actually be inside Ermac. This could lead to Shang Tsung taking over Ermac's body and freeing himself, which would make for a good subplot to bring back a great villain.

Noob Saibot

Although he was kicked into the soulnado in MK9, Noob still lives. No one knows where he is for certain, but it's believed Noob resides in the Netherrealm during MKX and Kung Lao talks to Sub-Zero about it in an intro as Revenant Kung Lao. Noob is a fan favorite and one of my favorite characters so it'll be great to see him return in MK11.


Many fans were disappointed when this character didn't return as playable in MKX. He did make a cameo helping Raiden protect the Jinsei Chamber from Shinnok. The events of MKX sent up Fujin's return in MK11 with Raiden being corrupted by the Jinsei Chamber. This will most likely lead to Fujin becoming the protector of Earthrealm once again.


A lot of people might doubt this one, but hear me out. You remember Kitana discovering Mileena in MK9? Remember the clones of her in the Flesh Pits? Well it's very possible that in MKX that was a clone of Mileena killed by D'Vorah or if it was the real Mileena the clone might take over and replace her. It's a theory, but it can soldiery her place in MK11.

Bo Rai Cho

A lot of people hate this character and found him annoying. He was a part of Kombat Pack 2 and Netherrealm Studio really did some justice to the character. Sure he is a drunk and farts as one of his moves, but in MKX's story he matured as a character. This is seen in Raiden's chapter when they talk at the Sky Temple. It showed us his true potential and it's not know whether or not the torture he sustained from Shinnok killed him, but I feel he made it out of there. I think he made a great supporting character and I'd like to see him take more of a role in the story.


Smoke is one of my favorite characters and I was upset he was in MKX, but only made cameos. I feel now with Quan Chi dead it could set up a subplot with Smoke and Sub-Zero. Revenant Smoke could fight Sub-Zero and be defeated by him. Then Sub-Zero could have him restored in an effort to revive the Lin Kuei. It could get the characters more involved in the story like Sub-Zero, Smoke and possibly Scorpion.


Fans were not thrilled to have Rain as an NPC and not a main roster character. Many were hoping he would be DLC, but Ed Boon felt it would be unfair because he was DLC in MK9. He did play a role in the MKX story with supporting Mileena in the Outworld Civil War. It could help for a story as the War could start up again because Rain has a lust for ruling Outworld.

Shao Kahn

Shao Kahn wasn't officially killed in MK9. Yes, he dodge the bullet twice in that game. In fact, if you rewatch the story mode ending of MK9 you see that Shao Kahn is actually taken by the elder gods for punishment. It could be possible that Shao Kahn escapes and it could lead to a lot of mayhem. Also it would get rid of Kotal Kahn as the ruler of Outworld who did a terrible job. I feel the track the story is going it can be possible and likely that Shao Kahn could be brought back.


Yes that's right. I'm hoping Onaga makes a return in MK11. At the pace of the story it is close to Deadly Alliance and Deception. Due to Quan Chi being dead and Shang Tsung nowhere to be found it's probably safe to say that Deadly Alliance won't happen. It would be crazy to see Onaga, Shao Kahn, and Kotal Kahn all go at it for a power struggle in MK11. It could set up a lot of things and rewrite everything. It would be amazing to see all this mayhem come together in MK11.


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