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You may have heard that Sony is planning on making a Venom stand-alone movie, which in my opinion is nothing more than one last chance to try and make some money. However, since Sony seems adamant about making this movie, the fact is that someone has to play Venom. So without further ado, here are ten actors that I think could bring Venom to life in an otherwise unneeded/unwanted movie.

1. Theo James

Theo James is blowing up as a staple of young adult movies, and I believe that an actor like him would be perfect for this role. He has leading man potential, however, he's still young enough to be given the role. James could be what makes a mediocre movie great, and I think that he could be the actor that turns this previously tainted role (thanks Topher Grace) into a supervillain/anti-hero to remember.

2. Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul could appeal more to the damaged side of Eddie Brock, and has the acting potential to handle this role better than anyone else. Paul headlining as any comic book character would make people giddy with excitement, but bringing his skill set to Venom is a match made in heaven. While he isn't as muscular as Eddie Brock tends to be in the comics, neither was Topher Grace, and I know for a fact that Paul would do much better than that performance.

3. Liam Hemsworth

It is unclear which incarnation of Venom they will be using for the movie, but if they decide to go with Flash Thompson, Liam Hemsworth would be phenomenal. He would work perfectly as a bully turned symbiote-infused military man, and could bring certain characteristics of his Hunger Games role to this movie. If they decide to go with my personal favorite Venom, then the young Hemsworth brother would fit perfectly into this role.

4. Jake Abel

Jake Abel has played one of the best and most terrifying villains in young adult movie history with his role in Percy Jackson, and is great at playing good guys gone bad. However, can he turn that around into bad guys gone good? I think so. He has exactly what it takes to headline this movie, and while he's not a huge name, I don't think that will stop him from being terrific in this role.

5. Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz has made a name for himself by doing the terrible-yet-successful Twilight movie, and definitely has the muscles for the role of Eddie Brock. I think he could be exactly what this role needs, and could be an extremely comically accurate Venom. He has the muscles, the type of acting skills needed for a role like this, and could make a name for himself as a leading man from doing this movie.

6. Taron Egerton

Taron Egerton has both the muscles and the range to bring the perfect Venom on-screen. No matter what incarnation they decide to do with this movie, Egerton could nail it. He's one of the best up-and-coming actors in Hollywood right now, and anything he touches turns to gold. Hopefully, that could happen with Venom too.

7. Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien was the fan-favorite for Spider-Man ever since Andrew Garfield got fired, but I've always thought that he would make a better Venom. He plays emotionally damaged characters so well, and that paired with his physical appearance now and his dedication to get in shape for roles could make him the perfect choice.

8. Colton Haynes

With Colton Haynes no longer being a regular on Arrow, I think Venom could be the perfect next move for him. He's already loved among the geek community, and could nail the role of Venom perfectly. Trying to make a name for himself as a movie star, Haynes' big break could come in the form of an alien symbiote.

9. Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer would be a much less experimental choice for the role of Venom, as we have already seen that he's a capable action star. He's an exceptionally large man, and despite his current level of fame, is still young enough to do a role like this. Hammer's casting would turn this movie from a flop into an exciting addition to the comic book movie world, and he is the perfect star vehicle to make people take this movie seriously.

10. John Boyega

Boyega has made a name for himself by being one of the new additions to the Star Wars franchise, and could work perfectly as Flash Thompson. Not only is he getting ripped for Star Wars: Episode VIII, but has already shown that he can play somewhat of a bully-turned-hero in his breakout film Attack the Block. With Boyega being a popular actor right now, and his race not being an important factor to the character, he could make a perfect Venom.


Who do you think would make the best Venom?


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